Dead By Midnight Part Three

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Dead By Midnight Part Three

It was Sue’s husband, his words almost unintelligible as they tumbled one on top of another. Sue was sick, very sick. More than sick, she was on oxygen now and the ambulance was there and he had to go to the hospital and he promised to tell Harry and what about the kids and…the phone went dead.

Harry was half swung out of bed, muttering what? Wth?  His wife responded with more than a scowl this time. She demanded to know what was going on. Harry’s mind started to blend the real with the memories of his dream, Sue calling and him unable to help. Her cries and his ineffectual responses. Oh, God, what if it wasn’t that he couldn’t respond? What if it was that he wouldn’t respond?

“It’s Sue,” Harry replied, his voice filled with worry.  His mouth felt as though it was full of ashes as he tugged on his clothes. “I’m going to the hospital, call as soon as I know anything.” He tore down the stairs, ignoring his wife’s muffled protests and ran to his car. The car started and he sped off, his mind crowded with images of Sue trying over and over again to talk to him and him turning away every time. If only he had more time he told himself.

He arrived at the hospital doors wheezing mightily from the ragged run up from the parking lot and headed straight to emergency. Sue’s husband, Joel was speaking to the admitting nurse in a distraught manner, wanting to get in to see his wife but being told that no, she had a team of practitioners working on her now and there was no room for even family. Harry joined Joel and together they implored their case but to no avail. She promised to call them the minute she had word from the doctors. If there was no word before her shift ended at midnight she would tell her replacement to notify them as well.

Harry turned to Joel, “Do you know what Sue was trying to tell me?”

“Yes, Harry. I do. She has been diagnosed with a heart condition. She didn’t want to worry anyone so she kept her routine. I suspect she wanted to tell you.”

Joel turned away so Harry couldn’t see his tears. His shoulders were shaking as he continued, “She was feeling fine this evening and then boom, she fell over like she couldn’t breathe.”

Now Harry felt as though he couldn’t breathe either. This was horrible, unimaginable. His best friend fighting for her life and he standing and waiting not knowing for sure what the outcome might be. The tension was broken by the approach of a doctor, carrying a clipboard as though it might be a shield. The lines in his face told them the answer before it left Joel’s lips. “I’m so sorry”, the physician said, “she’s gone.”

His words hit like a hammer blow. Harry gaped at him open mouthed his mind whirling with emotions. Disbelief and confusion, anger and how the hell could that happen? It couldn’t happen. Not to Sue. And yet it had. Somehow in some cruel twist of fate, Joel had lost a wife, Justin lost a mother and Harry, his best friend.

In the moments that followed Harry became aware of a sickening sensation. It was almost as bad as the mind numbing thought that Sue was gone. It was that he hadn’t taken the time to talk to her. Harry was under no illusions that it would have changed the outcome. That must have been pre-ordained. But it may have put Harry’s mind at ease and quite likely that of Sue’s as well. As the days slowly went by Harry began to feel this more and more but now he had no recourse. He couldn’t go back and rewrite her last few days, try as he might.

Harry was a thinking type and he began to wonder about life and how people in it interact with each other. How much time did he spend with the other people in his life that he considered important? How about the ones that considered him important. Harry resolved to look at things a little differently just in honor of Sue. It seemed the right thing to do and something that Sue would have liked. She had been a kind-hearted soul, always ready with a kind word and a helping hand.

She took the time to talk to people, something that Harry certainly couldn’t say about himself. When I look at Harry, I see some of me there. I don’t always take enough time to work on the things that really matter as opposed to the things that need to ‘get done’. Harry and I have come up with a different way of looking at situations and especially at people.

What if you treated everyone you meet with the same care and attention as you would if you knew that they would be dead by midnight? What would change? How would you greet them? What would you talk about? Things that interest you?  Or things that interest them? Do you see how that would make you a very desirable person to talk to? If you focus on the other person’s needs and wants you truly have all of their attention.

Let’s give it a whirl, you and I, shall we? Spend just today (and every day?) treating everyone else as though they just might be…’Dead By Midnight.’

Till Next Time….


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2 Responses to “Dead By Midnight Part Three”

  1. Dagmar Says:

    Wow! What a powerful story! We never know what, or if, we have a “tomorrow”, do we?


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so right Dagmar, we do not. And then it is too late for regrets.



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