Dead By Midnight Part Two

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Dead By Midnight Part Two

What harm had befallen Sue? He had just talked to her the night before and she said she was going for her usual early morning run along the river and that she would likely call him during the day at some point to see if he could take both Jimmy and her son Justin to Little League practice after school. He had promised he would try but he would have to cut out of work early and he wasn’t sure if the boss would allow it. They were so damn busy right now.

He was scrambling out the door his half-eaten toast in one hand and coffee in the other, file folders and papers clamped under his arm when he thought he really had to call Sue. Once more he cursed his broken cell phone he really had to get that replaced right after work today. Then he groaned inwardly as he remembered the boy’s ball practice, it was going to have to wait.

He made it to the office and was greeted by a rather impatient boss who demanded he put his full attention on the Barnes file, didn’t he know they couldn’t afford to let this one slip away. He was well underway in his work at recovering the slippage when his desk phone rang. It was Sue. He was quick and to the point. Sorry Sue, I’m under the gun was the terse tone of his message, call back at lunch.  When she did, he was immersed in his work and barely looked up when his phone rang, before snatching it from the cradle. Yes, yes he would give the boys a ride couldn’t she tell he was working his butt off, and didn’t she know that work wasn’t the best place to call him.

He had forgotten all about his dream by this point and his boss Old Carruthers sure as hell wasn’t giving him any chances to think about anything but the job at hand. By four thirty he was done, done like dinner he thought, as he pushed himself back from his desk and patted his pockets to make sure he had his keys.

At Sue’s place he waved her aside when she came out and promised to call her later as soon as he got the boys back from ball. She seemed disappointed and crushed, almost like a little girl he thought. She really shouldn’t be so immersed in our friendship, Harry reasoned with himself, we can’t spend every minute together. Then he thought reproachfully, she probably just wanted to talk but hey ho, let’s go, life is a fast paced track these days.

He dropped the boys off after ball because Jimmy had asked if he could hang with Justin for awhile and then headed straight home after giving a superficial wave at Sue through the car window. He really wanted to stop to talk but he had promised his wife that he would get the lawn mowed and it was already way too long. He reflected that it seemed to be harder to keep up with friends these days but everyone’s life just seemed so damn busy.

It wasn’t till he was crawling into bed beside his wife who was bemoaning a splitting headache when he realized he hadn’t called Sue at all. Almost on cue the phone on the nightstand rang loudly. Harry snatched it up but not before his wife scowled at him deeply. She hated late night phone calls of all kinds and in the bedroom, well, this was just too much…

…To Be Continued…

Till Next Time….


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2 Responses to “Dead By Midnight Part Two”

  1. Dagmar Says:

    Sometimes we are so busy we do not take the time to stand back and observe what is REALLY going on.


    sigrid Reply:

    Hey Dagmar, unfortunately that is often so true in our busy lives. Sometimes it is too late for regrets.



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