Death of a Legend

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Death of a Legend


On Monday a guy, a legend, passed on. He truly made a difference on this planet. Unlike so many of us that flounder a bit, looking for our place in the Grand Design, Steven R. Covey knew from the start that he was destined to be a teacher.  And teach he did. For more than 50 years he was influential in helping people become more than they were and beyond that, more than they ever thought they would be.

He started his formal teaching at Brigham Young University and then moved beyond that as his own learning grew from his insatiable quest to find simple truths that would benefit all. Although he was inherently a Morman (Church of Latter Day Saints) he espoused a philosophy that encompassed all religions. His thinking and teachings transcended common religious boundaries to take in the best of everything.

To that end he earned the respect of many and the criticism of few. It is difficult to argue with anyone who has inclusionary vision and teaches that same philosophy. Indeed, if Steven had a shortcoming in the eyes of organized  religion, it would be that he wasn’t a ‘pure’ teacher, insofar as he refused to dismiss a valuable truth simply because it wasn’t included in on particular religion or another.

His writing and publishing of the ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ’ in 1989 brought Steven into the limelight and changed the lives of millions of people for the better. Since then, more than 25 million copies have been sold in 38 languages demonstrating the demand for some of the answers that have been eluding so many of us who are still learning as we move through life. Although the success of the book was beyond anything that Steven R. Covey had expected, he felt that he was just getting started. It gave him the platform from which to address the world and to share his teachings with the rest of humanity.

Steven published a number of books after that point, ‘The 8th Habit’, ‘The Seven Habits of Highly effective Families’ and ‘First Things First’. He spoke tirelessly and continued to read and refine his message that always centered on his core belief that what he was working towards was a ‘beautiful family culture’. He was a father and a husband first and foremost, a student and a teacher and a friend after that. He had 9 children and 52 grandchildren and he treasured the time that he got to spend with them more than anything else in life.

Steven R. Covey was a successful teacher, writer and consultant with a message that can be effectively used by anyone anywhere.  And yet, he was more than that. He was a friend and a terrific example of how effective people operate. He always had time to help and to support those around him. Jay Abraham writes that “He was a friend, but even more, he was a true benefactor to the betterment of our entire world. “ Steven will be missed, but we are fortunate to have so much of his legacy left behind. All his recorded words and messages, his teachings and writings, but most of all, the people whose lives he has touched and changed for the better.

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