Decision Making; Who Really Makes Yours?

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How Critical Is Decision Making?

How to Prioritize Decision Making?

It’s no secret that all successful people have mastered decision making and it is just a natural event in their lives. Have you ever watched them and marveled at their ability to make what appears to be flawless decision after flawless decision? Maybe you’re like me and you have even envied them a little. They make it seem so natural. In most cases though, nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll explain why.

There really is no such thing as a natural decision maker. No more so than there is a natural born hockey player or lawyer or cello player. Just like with most things, it is an acquired skill and one that is honed through years of practice and repeated use. They have learned through trial and error, and there is one thing that separates them from you and I; they have made more mistakes than we have. And that is only because they have made far more decisions and not all choices turn out to be the right ones.

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Nonetheless, they continue to make decisions and in time become better and better at it because they become better at accepting the results of their actions. Even though their choices may not always work out perfectly, they learn to make the best of it and move on. That is the real value of having decision making capabilities, you do not become bogged down and lose time hesitating and waiting for the best possible moment in which to act. If you want to get a lot of things accomplished, it is critical that you speed up the decision making process, make a choice and get on with it.

Years ago when I was learning to play pool I would often look at one shot ,then another and another, thinking and overthinking every move. An older fellow (and infinitely better pool player) told me that the first shot that comes to mind is the best shot to take more than 99% of the time. The human mind working almost subconsciously is light years ahead of the conscious, calculating mind that clutters up decision making with a lot of trivial fluff that has little or no bearing on the outcome.

The same is true of prioritizing the decision making process, and and the decision queue that is always in our thoughts. The first thing that comes to mind is what needs to be acted on immediately, and the decision made on how to deal with it. I guarantee that during the process of making that decision and acting on it, you will have more thoughts come to you about other actions that need to be done next and other decisions that need to be made.

Remember that your mind is a wonderful thing, and it has resources that we can’t even imagine. For it to come up with solutions to the problems that your decision making might incur is hardly even a challenge for it. When you have belief in your abilities to overcome the problems that a poor decision might create, it is far easier to ‘pull the trigger’ than if you just sit and fear the outcomes. That can be paralyzing.

To be in charge of your life means that you are the one that is making the decisions that control your actions. If you stop and think about it, that’s the only possible outcome that there is. Even the protest that you can’t make decisions is already a decision in itself that you made when you uttered that statement. Whether we act upon something or we do not, either way, we have made that decision. Knowing that decision making is an everyday activity for all of us makes it easier to see that it is not the number of decisions that intimidates us, merely the scope of the decision to be made.

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2 Responses to “Decision Making; Who Really Makes Yours?”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I go with my Gut-feelings most of the time, even they are sometimes wrong. I find if you dwell on them too long that it is not worth it. Get over it.


    sigrid Reply:

    I agree Dagmar, go with that gut feeling. It is trying to tell you something!



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