Developing Good Leads

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 Success Includes Developing Good Leads

No one will dispute that the only way any business can survive for any length at all is to have good quality leads. Because that will get people in your door so to speak. But that is really only half of the key to marketing, and the second part is what most people won’t tell you. You have to spend time on developing good leads.

Good leads have a certain look to them. They are focused and targeted for your specific business products. People looking for a pet do not go to IKEA, and nor does someone who is looking for running shoes go to McDonalds. But the person looking for a pet will go to a pet store chain, or they may look online under pets in their area. A wise marketer will not just tell this lead where the store is located, but will take the time to find out what they need. Developing good leads is where the real gold is. But to get to the gold you must first determine what makes a good lead for your business.

developing good leads1Our business has evolved to the point where we now have focused on Online Marketing. So our goal here is to find leads that fit our criteria, spend our time developing good leads and have someone else do a lot of the shovel work and heavy lifting. I’m going to give you a bit of a snapshot of what our ideal leads look like so that you can figure out what sort of attributes your ideal leads would have.

  •       They have spent months or possibly years online trying to make online marketingwork
  •       They don’t have a sales funnel but they know they need one
  •       They are tired of trying to create everything on their own (just like us)
  •       They don’t have any of their own products or services
  •       They have seen how hard it is to make money via the ‘affiliate route’
  •       They want something that is a ‘ready to use system’
  •       They want to buy all the pieces not just a chunk here and a chunk there
  •       They want to make real money, but not have to devote their life to doing it
  •       They are not looking to ‘buy themselves a job’

Developing Good Leads Based On This Criteria

developing good leadsOnce we have leads that qualify, we then spend time developing good leads. And yes, that means getting on the phone with them and talking to them. Finding out what they want and telling them what we have. Seeing if there is a fit. If there isn’t, we send them to the best source that we know to find what they are looking for. Why not do so? Just because they don’t fit into your business, doesn’t mean that they won’t find what they need with someone else. The worst thing you can do for yourself and for your lead is to keep them when you know that the two of you aren’t a match.

To help with this sifting and sorting process we have many of our leads look at a short ebook titled I.M. Revolution. This book details how to overcome many of the problems that have kept people in online marketing from being successful, and clearly details what you will need to do to become successful. It outlines a number of different options for how you can achieve internet success, and how to go about achieving it. This gives our leads the information that they need so they can decide what works best for them. The book also clearly demonstrates why the process of developing good leads is so critical and why it is so profitable. And best of all, it shows them exactly the process that they can follow to do the same thing.

If nothing else, after reading this book, there is no way that you can say that you just don’t understand how this whole thing works or why you haven’t had the success that you envisioned when you first set out. It clearly shows why there are only 3% who make it in the field of online marketing, and why the other 97% are doomed to fail, often with huge losses of money and time. BUT it also shows that those numbers can be radically altered, and even transposed, if you choose to use a proven system and short circuit the years of painful education that others have had to endure.

I don’t know about you but I hate painful lessons and I like helping other people and getting paid for doing it. And I am betting, so do you. 

Till Next Time….

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  1. Hale Pringle Says:

    The “tell it Like it is” master.

    I always enjoy your posts Sigrid and today you were tlaking in my arena instead of your beloved finance :)

    Thanks for the post
    Dr. Hale
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    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Dr. Hale we have been hitting finance pretty hard:)



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