Disneyland ‘Designed’ Nightmare For Disabled Man

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The Worst Place To Get Stuck At Disneyland

Guest Post by Archie McNab

The tall glitzy façade with the clock that ran backwards used to fascinate me as a kid when my family would visit Disneyland. And the highpoint was when the clock struck on the hour and the odd procession of twirling figures emerged from behind the walls. Entering the ride on “It’s A Small World” was a different experience, and once you have been subjected to the omnipresent theme song in fourteen languages belted out by the saccharine coated, youthful lilting voices it is difficult to see why anyone would want to hurry back.

Disneyland: Not Everyone’s Happiest Place on Earth


But back then I had to go to ‘enjoy’ the ride with younger sisters, not so much a result of my parents request but more a result of me being threatened that there would be no target shooting in Frontierland, and certainly no abominable snowman spotting ride down the Matterhorn if I didn’t go with them. Later in life I had to take my new wife (who had never been) and then in time, my own children. But can you imagine being ‘trapped’ inside the walls, and facing the hundreds of diminutive gyrating caricatures of children whose glittering cold eyes and painted smiles seem more evil with every passing minute?

That’s exactly what happened to Jose Martinez, a paralyzed man who reportedly was enjoying his visit to Disneyland before a tragic set of circumstances struck him in the far flung reaches of Fantasyland. He was helped into the boat that takes you through the rooms of adolescent enlightment, where the theme song is played incessantly with every increasing gusto by well trained Disneyland staff who assured him safe passage, and a triumphant return after a short indoctrination into the values of golden suns and dividing oceans.

But alas for Jose, that was not to be. After successfully circumnavigating the tortuous journey through many of the lands of little people, his craft struck a snag in the “Goodby Room” and came to a shuddering halt. Sadly enough, the soundtrack did not, and while Jose’s more fortunate travel companions scrambled to safety and sanity outside the darkened room with the carefully illuminated animatronic creatures, Jose was left to fend for himself.

Disneyland staff explained the situation this way when asked by the judge how this cavalier treatment ofsmall world Mr. Martinez could have taken place. They had no way to extricate the wheelchair bound Martinez from the ride, and felt that it would be less traumatic (and likely less expensive) to have Jose stay glued to the bench like a disgraced basketball player while the ride repair was completed. Whether the fact that Jose suffers from a heart condition and panic attacks was known is less clear, and is almost germane to the point. Even a well balanced and healthy, kindly grey-haired grandma may have snapped after being subjected to an additional 30 minutes of ‘though the mountains are high and the oceans divide.’

To help with his recovery, Jose has reportedly been awarded $4000 for pain and suffering, and an additional $4000 for other unspecified violations. There are no reports on what therapy to remove the permanent soundtrack from Mr. Martinez’ mind might cost, but I am guessing eight grand won’t cover it. There are no reports on what portion Jose’s attorney may have received as a stipend, but it’s likely safe to presume it was the lion’s share of the settlement.

So the next time you are faced with what you think is a trying or difficult situation,  just hum a few bars of the Disneyland ride theme song from “It’s A Small World” and I think you will agree. It’s better to be on the outside.

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  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    This story hits home for many people, lots of other occasions produce the same results.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Fair point Dagmar.



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