Do You Need An Internet Marketing Blog?

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Isn’t An Internet Marketing Blog A Waste Of Time?

The truly honest answer here is that ‘it depends.’ It depends on whether you are trying to sell a product or a service online. If you have an internet marketing blog (and it’s a good one), then you can’t help but increase your sales over the long haul. There are, as always, a few exceptions to the rule. Those exceptions are, when you are so big that adding a human element to your site is either of no value or impractical. Think Google or Amazon.

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Another rare situation where a blog won’t be of much monetary value is for a site that isn’t commercial such as a typical child’s website or that of a special interest group. Now make no mistake. If they wanted to increase popularity and readership, having a blog will greatly enhance those odds.

For the vast majority of us, having an internet marketing blog is almost imperative. If you are the kind of person that thinks that all you have to do to sell is rent a building, stock the shelves and open the door, then having an internet marketing blog won’t be of much value. You clearly don’t want to market, and you clearly don’t care about the success of your business either. You can only afford to do that if you have a monopoly, you are the government, or you are selling something that is in such demand that you don’t have to provide any kind of sales environment at all.

The Most Critical Value An Internet Marketing Blog Provides

the real youWhat your internet marketing blog provides is a human side to your business. It lets the ‘you’ shine though, and lets people learn what you are all about. It is your place to interact with your customers (current and potential), and as such is an invaluable feedback tool that tells you how you are doing. It can do so much more as well, giving you insight into what is working and what is not in your business. Your blog allows you to focus on issues, products or simply human interest topics that would be of interest to your customers. It can be informational, educational or even entertaining depending on your personality.

A good blog will leave people happier, more informed and feeling closer to you (and your products), than if they were to just look at a static website. An internet marketing blog in and of itself won’t necessarily translate into huge immediate sales. But done properly, it will begin to establish a relationship and to build trust. Remember the old adage that is so true, “People do business with people who they know, like and trust.” Having a blog, and posting to it regularly will certainly help in that regard. Do you post regularly to your blog and how often? Please let me know in the comments below..

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2 Responses to “Do You Need An Internet Marketing Blog?”

  1. Kristin Stonehouse Says:

    Great blog Sigrid. This is a good reminder that you can really express who you are through your blog. I don't have mine up yet but am working on it and will keep your suggestions in mind.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Good for you Kristin that you are working on your blog. We found that the most important thing was to just get started with actual posts. Valuable content is far more important than perfect layout, as you can make refinements as you go along.



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