Does Your Business Plan Have This Fatal Flaw

Odd Limitation In Your Business Plan

How Good Is Your Business Plan Really?

Just before we discuss your business plan I have to tell you a story about fishing. It’s a short story, but it says a lot about business plans, how we construct them and what the ramifications of them can be.

Some time ago, a man was out for a walk early one morning along his favorite lake. It was a beautiful morning, mist lazily rising off the water, with the occasional splash of trout rising to feed.  As he rounded a corner he saw a man fishing, using a long fly rod. The fisherman cast the fly expertly and in seconds had a fine fish on his line. The fisherman brought the fish in, reached in his tackle box and brought out a short ruler which he laid along beside the fish.

Bigger FishThe fish was much shorter than the ruler, and the fisherman placed it beside several others of similar length on the shore and cast out again. As the man watched in fascination, the fisherman reeled in a much larger fish. The fish was much longer than the ruler, and the fisherman shook his head sadly and released the fish. This happened again with the next fish and the next. Finally, the man could stand it no more and walked over to the fisherman and asked why on earth he was letting all the larger fish go while keeping the smaller ones. The fisherman looked solemnly at the man and replied, “It’s because my wife only has a 12 inch frying pan.”

Will A Bigger Fish Fit In Your Frying Pan? (Business Plan)

Now that is a silly story that makes no sense to anyone but the fisherman. I’m going to suggest however, that it also reflects the same thinking as most business plans. Just like the frying pan, most plans don’t allow or account for much variation from the expected results. If you want to truly grow your business you have got to have a much bigger frying pan.

The current thinking that is in your business plan may allow you to grow your business, but usually along the same lines and expectations as you currently use.

If you want to dramatically change the results you have to come at it from a much different angle, current thinking won’t get you there.

Let’s go back to the fisherman’s frying pan for a minute. If you want to grow your business you would need a bigger pan, business plansay a 15 incher or maybe a whopping 18 inch model. Imagine the fish that would fit in that!

I’m suggesting something much more radical than that. I’m talking about having a three foot frying pan. Now, no matter what the fisherman pulls in, and what size it is, he can safely keep it and take it home. But that’s only half the lesson. What if he really wants to fill that three foot frying pan?

Now he has to do things that he hasn’t done before.

Just casting faster or further won’t do it for him. He may need a boat, or a net, or maybe leave the lake and go to the ocean to find a fish to fill his ‘big frying pan.’ You get my point.

In order to really exceed expectations (and a business plan), you sometimes have to explode them. The danger with expectations is that they are a two-edged sword. The can easily morph into reality. And that applies whether your expectations are big or small.

As a friend of mine would say, “The problem often is not that too often we aim high and miss, it’s that we aim low and hit.”

Do you aim high and miss, or do you aim low and hit?


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2 Responses to “Does Your Business Plan Have This Fatal Flaw”

  1. Damayanthi Says:


    This is a great analogy you used here. You are right we have to get uncomfortable in order to grow our businesses. It may not be very pleasant sometimes but the rewards are hight if you make a decision & do it.

    Thanks for sharing.



    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thanks for the comment Damayanthi.

    I truly believe that the only place significant growth can occur is outside of your comfort zone.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The Danger Of Playing The Waiting GameMy Profile



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