Why Doesn’t Auto Suggestion Work? (Conclusion)

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Auto Suggestion Why It Alone Isn’t Enough To Get You To Your Dream?

In yesterdays post we looked at what auto suggestion cannot do,  and why it doesn’t work for most people. Most of us cannot create complete images in our mind that we can associate with our personal lifestyle. If you have never been on California Hwy 1 on the north California coast driving a Benz convertible, it is almost pointless for me to tell you to imagine yourself doing it.

auto suggestionSure, you can put up a pic of the car on your dream board, but to really make it work you need the experiential tie in. If you had rented that car and taken that drive, you would feel the tug of the steering wheel in the corners, the smooth power as you accelerate, the salty air caressing your face and the stunning views of the coastline.

Do you see how that is different? As in night and day different? Well, so can your brain. And it isn’t going to be tricked by any cheap photo even if you play nature sounds through your ear buds. Your mind, and mine, works off the real thing. That is why auto suggestion won’t work very well if we haven’t lived it. If we haven’t been there to experience something, it has no meaningful reference point and it goes into overwhelm. We may as well be talking about driving the XKR-1 rocket sled car on the surface of Zargon. We cannot imagine well enough to create the total experience.

How To Trick Your Mind Using Auto Suggestion

But there still is a way for us to use the power of auto suggestion in our goal to create success for ourselves. Let’s start with the car example. Most of us have not driven a Benz convertible much less along Hwy 1, but we all have driven a vehicle that felt so good driving it made silently in our heads go, ‘wow, I like this’. Maybe it was a car that you rented, or a friend’s truck that he lent you for the day. For me it was a sports car that my sister owned that she let me take out for a spin.

The point is, that at some time in your life you were driving something that was a lot more fun than what your daily driver is. All you have to do to make auto suggestion work is to imagine yourself driving that vehicle whenever you want. Because it is yours. Because you earned it with your drive and dedication and focus. Because you wanted it, and your mind could firmly grasp what it feels like, smells like, looks like and sounds like because you have been there.

Of course, you can do exactly the same thing with your mind for other things. Think of the best places you have ever been, the best meal you have ever eaten, the best you have ever felt, the most content that you have been. Those are the things that your mind can easily wrap around and drive you towards. Now that you have firm ‘anchors’, you are ready to use the power of auto suggestion and achieve results that you may not have to this point.

With some commitment and focus, you and I will both be living the life of the beer commercial, or more accurately, enjoying the best days of our lives as we attract more and more success into them.

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