Why Doesn’t Auto Suggestion Work?

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Why Isn’t Auto Suggestion Enough To Get Me To My Dream?

Here’s the scene. You want to be living the life of the beer commercial. You know the one. Where the sun always shines. No one’s ever cold, or hungry, and certainly not unhappy. Pretty girls and good looking guys with perfect teeth are constantly surrounding you and everyone acts like you’re the star of the show.

But then reality comes flooding back in. You look around you. Rather shabby surroundings, a car that needs a tune-up, front stairs that need repair, a roof that’s getting a little beyond its best-before dating, and a stack of bills that just won’t go away. Maybe your reality includes a student loan that chews a big hole in your income every month, or rent on the place that you call yours. Seems as though most of us have far too many reminders of reality and way too few of the good life we would like to live.

Why is it so hard for us to focus on the palace that we would love to live in, the exotic car we would love to drive, the fashionable clothes we would wear? Why can’t we easily see ourselves flying not just in first class, but in our own personal jet? Spending the weekend off the coast of France on our own yacht? Telling James that the Bentley simply must have a fourth coat of wax to bring out the luster of the burgundy?

You Can’t Know What It’s Like If You Have Never Been There-Why Auto Suggestion?

Because we haven’t ever been there. It really is that simple. Our minds cannot conjure up a complete image of something we have never done, or somewhere we have never been. Sure we can bring up an image, but it’s like looking at an old dated picture as opposed to the latest high def in an omni-max theatre. There is just no comparison. Not when you consider that a ‘complete image’ includes the sounds, the feel and the taste of an experience rather than just a static visual.

You can’t experience a hot fudge brownie just by looking at a picture of it. You can’t imagine the warm feel of it on your fingers, the almost sensual creamy feel in your mouth, the sinfully delicious thick chocolate taste, the way the smell makes you feel warm and happy. Why not? Surely your mind can just conjure it up can’t it? Mine can, and I am sure yours can too but there is only one reason why. Because we have BEEN THERE.

auto suggestion

I’m sure most of you have seen this picture before. It always blows me away every time that  I see it. Two things really strike me about it. The incredible power of the wave virtually submerging the lighthouse, and the almost ‘so what’ attitude that the keeper seems to exude. But I include this photo for another reason. Can you really imagine what it would be like to be the fellow in the picture? Really? The storms roar so loud you are almost deafened to it, the cold moist air, the bottomless feeling in your stomach as you look up?

I sure can’t, not really, and I am betting you can’t either? And why not? Because we haven’t been there. So how can we ever get anywhere by auto suggestion? Next post I will share a secret with you that changes everything, and allows you to attain success that your mind truly can’t fathom right now. See you then.

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Why Doesn’t Auto Suggestion Work?”

  1. Joseph Bradley Says:

    I really enjoyed this post. It is imperative that we understand that we MUST train ourselves to treat success as if it is happening now as opposed to ONE DAY. Awesome post. Looking forward to the next one.


    sigrid Reply:

    Good point Joseph. Not only are we advocating the use of experiential success, we also need to embrace success as if it is occurring in the present moment.



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