Why Doesn’t Internet Marketing Coaching Work Top Five Reasons

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Internet Marketing Coaching Doesn’t Work? Why Not?

A lot of people pay a lot of money for internet marketing coaching and some of the money is paid to some very good coaches. So how come it only works in a few instances? And why does it work when it does? There is a lot more to it than the capabilities of the coach, but let’s start there and then go through the list.

Internet Marketing Coaching and Coaches

internet marketing coaching

1. You Hire The Wrong Coach

First of all, you must determine exactly what you want your coach to do. What exactly do you need help with? It is unlikely that they have a fairy godmother wand that they can wave that will suddenly make you successful. Know what you need help with, and get someone who is qualified to help you with that specific problem. Don’t waste your money on getting high end talent for simple internet marketing coaching. That’s like buying a Lamborghini when you just got your learner’s permit. DO get someone who has been through the process recently so that they are current and concepts are fresh in their minds.

2. The Internet Marketing Coach Is Too Successful Or Busy

This happens all too often when you hire a top notch widely known coach. They have a million things on the go, and you my friend are low on the totem pole. Often these same coaches will take on an entire group of students immediately following a launch, or a release, or a seminar. They honestly just do not have enough hours in the day to meet all their commitments.

3. The Internet Marketing Coach Fails To Give Direct Instruction

Based on concerns of liability, the internet marketing coach is reluctant to offer direct and pointed advice. Instead, they talk in vague generalities and fail to give specific direction. This can lead to misinterpretation and confusion, and then to a lack of confidence in the coach and in the system. Make sure you have a coach that will offer step by step instruction.

4. The Student Fails To Keep The Coaching Appointments

The student isn’t motivated, and isn’t ready for coaching, so as a result they don’t take the internet marketing coaching seriously and start to miss appointments. Not surprisingly, the coach is less inclined to spend time with them and put in the effort that will help springboard them ahead to the next level. Frustration can set in on both sides and the coach moves on to the next student or interest.

5. The Internet Marketing Coach Loses Interest If You Can’t Produce Results

internet marketing results

The internet marketing coach often has a vested interest in whether you are successful or not. However, that interest only extends to having SOME of the pupils becoming a success story and ultimately a testimonial for the coaching program. If your results don’t fall into that criteria, it is likely that the coach will spend less time and effort on you than on a successful student. Regrettably, the coach will just be going through the motions after that. Remember that the teacher mirrors the student and vice versa.

If you want results be prepared to put in effort. If you just want someone to do the work for you, then go to Odesk or Elance or Fiver and hire them. Don’t waste someone else’s time and your money if you aren’t prepared to do the work.

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4 Responses to “Why Doesn’t Internet Marketing Coaching Work Top Five Reasons”

  1. Lucy Bieri Says:

    I don’t know of anyone that went far without a coach, but I do know that great leaders were once followers.. Having a coach is very important, but must be one with relevant characteristic that have time for its pupil. No one wants to have a coach who puts its own interest first, a coach is suppose to make a positive impact on its pupils, that is what we want.. Thanks for sharing..


    Lucy Bieri recently posted…Big Idea Mastermind ReviewMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Hi Lucy, thanks for your insight. You’re right that a coaches worth is determined by their pupils success.



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I like a coach who is interested in their pupils and not just in the money they can make from you. We all need coaching or mentoring, but I like to learn also.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thanks Dagmar, any coach or teacher “doing it for the money”, is in the wrong business.



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