It Doesn’t Pay To Be First

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 First Can Be Worst


Why Is First Worst?

Most people are totally convinced that in order to have success they must be the first to create or do something original. If that was true, then Apple would have been too late to the party with their ipad because Microsoft had introduced their own pad over ten years ago.  Columbus would have been too late to gain form and fortune because the Vikings and the Chinese and possibly the Irish had made it to North America long before he set sail in the Santa Maria.  The point that I want to make is that it is almost better to improve upon an idea that has already been created. It is often the improvements to the original idea that are worth so much more than the first idea.


I just recently saw an idea that included an improvement on what seemed like a timeless idea that could well change something that we see pretty much every day. Some enterprising and very astute individual has identified a problem and figured out a solution. I don’t know who was the first person to develop the toilet seat,but we all owe him a huge favour except for those people who are tasked with cleaning under them and around them. But that is about to change. Some smart person has developed a way of fastening the seats using a post and a pivoting snap that locks in place. It is so simple to take off and reinstall that it will make cleaning unbelievably easy and twice as hygienic.

This is the sort of thing that makes millionaires. Find a very common problem or limitation and develop a solution. It isn’t that hard to think of a few people who have done that. I would love to be the person that comes up with a good carrying case for the larger, bulkier smartphones. There has to be a better way to carry it than in one’s hand or trapped in the pockets of your pants. Similarly, I would love to develop a spill/leak proof diesel nozzle for the fuel pumps so that it isn’t necessary for all people using it to smell like a diesel mechanic. I can’t imagine that people relish the thought of having to bring their own gloves,and then either throw them out or put them in a bag to avoid having the odor permeating throughout the car.

It is far easier, more cost effective,and financially rewarding to improve upon an already existing idea than it is to try to create something out of thin blue air. Let others go first. You bat clean up,and then clean up on all the money by refining their ideas.

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