Doing It Later; The Hidden Danger

If You’re Doing it Later, Are You Doing It At All?

We are all very friendly with the concept and the term,’ I’m Doing It Later’,  but have you ever stopped to consider what the true cost of putting something off can be?

Doing it later is usually something that we do when we feel that what we are doing now is more important, or maybe just a whole lot more fun than whatever it is that we are putting off till later. Having a beer and watching football is likely going to win out over mowing the lawn, and so will hanging out at the beach as opposed to doing the laundry.

When Doing It Later Can Kill You

Doing it laterAll those things are understandable and done within reason. Doing it later is a time honored, and even acceptable way, to not tackle the things that maybe we should be taking on a little sooner than we think. There are things that require immediate attention and we would never consider putting them off for a moment. Rushing to help someone just hit by a car, calling 911 if we see flames coming from a window of a house, running after our escaping, wandering pets, all are things that require fairly prompt action and just ‘doing it later’ isn’t an option there.

Why Doing It Later Is Costing You A Fortune

There are times when the practice of doing it later can really come back to bite you in the butt.

A nagging pain in the chest might turn out to be nothing at all, or it might turn out to be a heart condition that dealt with early, can be easily repaired and you go back to normal life. Ignoring it and putting it off might end up with your friends collecting to eat crustless sandwiches and to murmur about what a good human being you were.

Similarly, waiting to talk to that really attractive person of the opposite sex with the quick smile and great personality, can really turn out to be costly if someone else who isn’t as shy or as much of a procrastinator comes along and asks them out.

Is doing it later the best option in dealing with things like checking the oil in your older model car, or changing the worn out tires, even just putting fuel in because the needle is kinda close to (aka bouncing off of) empty? How aboutnow or later paying your utilities bill, renewing your house insurance policy, taking out the garbage during the summer months, going to work? All of these tend to require fairly prompt action or the consequences can too be severe.

But what about visiting an ailing friend, telling your mom that you love her, picking up the phone and calling someone that you have let slip away. These are the doing it later’s that can’t always be brought back.

I have a saying that I am fond of and it’s one that I have to remind myself of from time to time.


In a choice between doing it now or doing it later, doing it now is almost always the better option. And the most valuable one.

How about for you?

Till Next Time

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