Don’t Dare To Be Different

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Don’t Dare To Be Different

Being Different Can Be Costly

Good God, what are you dreaming of? Being different means that you will stick out, that people will notice you, perhaps even make you feel a tad uncomfortable. Don’t you realize that there is safety in the herd? Mediocrity? And Sameness? And that being different is so much more than just having a way of expressing your individuality? It can also mean that you are unique, you stand apart from the rest,  and that you have something different to offer.


Vive le Difference

A little while ago I wrote about ‘An Odd Bird’ and in that blog post I talked about the value in being different and standing apart from others.  There are two ways you can do that. The first is to go where there is no one like you. That’s a certain way to attain a difference that people can see immediately. But it has a downside, in that not everyone wants to move. It can be inconvenient and upsetting to the rest of the family when you don’t come home for dinner.


Unique Selling Proposition (Difference)


The second way to become different is to offer something unique. Be something that others aren’t. You don’t have to do it for free if you offer a great benefit to the other person, they are more than willing to pay to get the benefit that they need. Where we live there are plenty of banks and a smattering of credit unions. The credit unions have made service their hallmark and included in that is longer hours of operation at some of the branches. That is a distinct benefit to the customer by being open when the customer is not working.


Kicking Down The Door

It makes the credit unions different and garners them customers that they wouldn’t otherwise get. Once there, the customer is given information on the other great services that the credit union offers. If the credit union is not acting differently or standing apart from the banks there is no way that they will capture the customer’s attention long enough to show them the great services that they offer. Now that the customer is there, they can sell them insurance, safety deposit boxes and investment vehicles. People are going to buy those things where they feel they get value and with people they feel they can trust. Why not you?


Relationship – The Best Ship To Sail

When you are different, you have an opportunity to form that relationship that is vital to marketing and sales. Ultimately the relationship is worth more than any other benefit you can deliver. It is worth more than price alone, more than timeliness, more than selection.  People will overlook all of those things to do business with people that they know and trust and have a relationship with. It’s our job to provide that great service after we develop the relationship. There is an old saying ‘better the devil you know that the one you don’t’.  I would humbly suggest that we can amend that to ‘better the person of integrity you know than the one you don’t.’


Walk In The Front Door

Remember, being different only opens the door. You still have to walk through and make the sale. But your odds are greatly enhanced once you’re in the door.

Till Next Time….


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