Don’t Do These 6 Things While Writing A Blog

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While Writing A Blog, Don’t Do These 6 Things

What Not To Do While Writing A Blog

1. Don’t Write Like A Stuffed Shirt.

writing a blogSomeone once said that writing a blog is like writing as a normal writer would (sort of business casual), but after one beer in the neighbourhood pub. I believe that the best blogs are written with the equivalent freedom that can bring creativity to your thoughts and words. The best thing you can do while writing a blog is to let your thoughts go a little, allow them to become creative rather than responsive.

2. Don’t Make Your Blog Points Hard To Follow

Nothing distresses people who are reading something more than having the writer jump back and forth between numbering points, and designating them in some other way, or not clearly identifying them at all. If you say that you are going to have 5 points then don’t have 3 or 4, leaving your reader searching for the one that either isn’t there, or you forgot to label. While writing a blog post, keep it consistent. Make it really logical and easy to follow. Not everyone is consumed with the idea of being a treasure hunter, searching for clues as to where you hid your last point.

3. Don’t Use Bizarre, Hard To Read Text

Use a text that is easily read and very legible while writing a blog. If you must use some gothic scroll text or something that resembles Gr 5 art, please keep it to your signature. Readers will not wade through paragraphs of cursive script to glean your nuggets of gold, no matter how valuable you may see them. They will fire your entire blog on the scrap heap and move along. Also be careful with using coloured text, and for god sake’s don’t use the illegible lime green that young teenage girls favour.   writing a blog

cursive script

3. While Writing A Blog Post, Don’t Write It To Please Everyone

You have to remember that the world is made up of all kinds of people and we don’t always see things the same way. There are going to be differing points of view and conflicting thoughts and ideas. Get used to it. Expect that not everyone shares your sense of humour, everyone has a point where they say ewww (I don’t like that). Don’t try to write to please everyone. You will end up writing for no one. The same goes for your pictures or images. It is better to be a tad controversial than to be seen as blasé.

5. Don’t Write With The Fervour Of A Tabloid Journalist

Stay real. You’re a blogger, not a journalist or a writer for the National Dirt Slinger. Don’t rely on sensationalism. EvenBlog writing should be fun when you have points of value or things of merit that you want to put forward, shouty headlines and attention grabbing graphics will make you seem cheap and tawdry. It is awfully difficult to convince people that your blog contains real gems when it is packaged up like costume jewelry. If you write in a style that is equivalent to shouting from the rooftops you will become voiceless. People will tune you out. Save that type of writing for when you really do have something that is sensational to write about.  writing a blog

6. Don’t Let Blog Writing Become A Chore

This is by far the most important, and maybe the point that gets missed the most while writing a blog. Blog writing was originally intended to share thoughts and ideas and to primarily provide entertainment and release for the writer. Although they have evolved a lot, and there are many different kinds of blogs and blogging styles, it is still important that the writer keeps it all in perspective. Blog writing should be fun. As soon as it isn’t, the blog posts will become stilted and fairly lifeless. Your readers, intuitive as they are, will pick up on that and it will affect the volume and quality of your audience and not in a positive direction. If you are having fun writing and teaching, they are going to have fun reading and learning.

If you found yourself guilty of one or more of these points (and I have been guilty of most of them at one time or another) then fire me a comment and let me know how it affected your blog or how you overcame it.

Till Next Time

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6 Responses to “Don’t Do These 6 Things While Writing A Blog”

  1. Eric McLaughlin Says:

    you described exactly how a blog post should be done… just write as you would speak, have a consistent flow to it and don't make it harder than it should be! Great article!


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You’ve got it exactly right Eric. The key is to make writing a blog post a pleasurable process.



  2. Nate Leung Says:

    These are common mistakes that people make on a daily basis. Good highlights and bullet points Sigrid! Thanks for sharing.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post and the kind words Nate…



  3. sherman smith Says:

    Great list here Sigrid. Out of all of them, the last one really sticks out to me. You definitely want blogging to be fun and not a chore. It will show in your writing. It’s like having a job you really like and a job you really can’t stand. It shows in that person work. Thanks for sharing!
    sherman smith recently posted…More Traffic Sources To Help You Build Your Email ListMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Sherman. My daughter and I talk about this a lot. You gotta have fun or what’s the point!
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…The Most Lucrative Song Ever Is?My Profile



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