Don’t Have Enough Time. Three Killer Time Management Tips

Cabin Boy To Captain, Time Management Skills For All

Ever feel like the cartoon character that’s been caught on a treadmill, where the faster you run the faster the wheel goes, and other than you running faster nothing else seems to change? I sure have. My time management skills are challenged at best, and if I don’t have a very clear cut orderly way of doing things I can easily wander off and end up doing things that have little current value while other more pressing, critical tasks end up sliding under the table.

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Time Management Made Easy

I mentioned this one time to a woman that was running a very busy office and complimented her on her time management skills. She always seemed to have everything right up to date, her workspace was highly organized and her ability to find information was almost legendary. I asked her if she had any time management tips that she could give me as my desk was always a mess. I sure as heck didn’t feel particularly effective at times. She gave me a tip that I have morphed into three absolutely killer time management tips I want to share with you.

Time Management Tip #1. Make Three Folders

Her system worked like this:

All information that came in the mail (yes, back in the days of snail mail) was sorted into three folders.

time management Each folder was a separate color and kept in an upright holder right on her desk where she could access them at all times. She told me there really was four possibilities, but she didn’t count the round file at her feet as a folder.

Anything that required immediate action or attention went into the red folder. Everything in the red folder had to be dealt with on the day it came in, preferably by lunchtime. All items undone in the red folder at day’s end went to the top of the list for tomorrow.

The second folder was yellow and all items requiring action that was not critical went into the yellow folder. The yellow folder was emptied every Friday before quitting time. That meant either shelving the activity if it couldn’t be acted on (filing it), or upgrading it to a red folder item if it was becoming more critical.

The third folder (green) was for all items that required filing. It too was emptied every Friday by the end of the day. Everything else went into the round file.

Time Management Tip #2. Make Three Folders

Seriously, use this same technique on your emails. Make three folders and you can mark them with different color flags if you like, or you can simply make three folders that you can label Urgent, To Do, and To File and then sort your emails accordingly. If you’re anything like me, after awhile you will realize that there are a lot more of your emails that should just go into the recycle bin then there are ones that are worthwhile filing.

Time Management Tip #3. Make Three Folders

This is by far the most important and the key tip of all.

Take all the tasks that come your way and sort them into three folders, Urgent, To Do and To File.

Treat them the same way as you would emails or snail mail. Be ruthless in process of sorting. And be realistic. You cannot take on more red folder tasks if your folder is already crammed full. It makes no sense. So that is going to lead you to perhaps the greatest time management skill of all, that ability to say no. Because sooner or later, you have to. Tomorrow we are going to take a good look at no’s.

Do you have a good system that you use to manage your time? Please let me know in the comments below.


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2 Responses to “Don’t Have Enough Time. Three Killer Time Management Tips”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    Really good post, and I know that many people struggle with this in their business and also their everyday lives….Thank you for sharing the 3 folder idea!
    Robert David Strong recently posted…Elite Marketing Pro And The Secrets Revealed FinallyMy Profile


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are most welcome Robert. The 3 folder concept can be applied with a little creativity to almost any workload or task.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted…Don’t Have Enough Time. Three Killer Time Management TipsMy Profile



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