Dress For Success

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How You Dress For Success CAN Affect Your Success

This isn’t one of those articles that tells you how to dress for success a certain way to make sure that things go well at the office. There are plenty of them available at the click of a mouse and they have far more definitive knowledge on the subject than I ever will. I couldn’t tell you when and when not to wear a red ‘power’ tie, or which Fridays are casual, and whether its ever acceptable to wear jeans to the office. I’m equally incompetent when it comes to recommending bright and cheery clothes for Monday or subdued colours in winter. Whoever made these silly rules anyways?

dress for success

So How Do I Dress For Success Anyways?

The kind of  dress for success that I am referring to is the more immediate kind. And the more physical kind. I tend to be a pretty basic simple kind of dresser, but I have learned a thing or two about success dressing on the west coast. In my mind, for me to have a successful day, I have to be relatively comfortable and that is hard to do if my Gucci loafers are soaked through in 20 minutes, and I have another 7 plus hours to allow my toes to shrivel and numb as my core body temperature drops lower and lower. Rubber boots would have made my day a lot more successful, don’t you think?

I have seen guys with new shaved heads standing outside in the blistering sun with their heads more and more resembling turkey vultures with every passing ray of sun radiation glancing off their skulls. Yes, they did look trendy compared to me in my scruffy ball hat, but I didn’t have to find a cool spot to vomit in once heat stroke set in. I also recall seeing an outdoor baggage handler in Calgary AB in December dressed in shorts while the blizzard whipped icy snow pellets into his numb and reddened legs. He wasn’t moving very fast and didn’t appear to be having a good day. Not a dress for success recipe.

dress for success1As a survivor of west coast weather I can tell you that often the key to being able to dress for success is to be prepared. Just like the old boy scout motto says, plan ahead so that when things change you won’t have mud covered UGG’s or a microwaved head. Freezing and shuddering uncontrollably isn’t a sign of success, nor is wearing a hoodie or a touque as sweat streams down your face. It seems obvious, but use common sense. Plan ahead. Check the forecast.

If you truly are one of those adventurous spirits that can’t be bound by organization and rational thought, and you know you are like that, then I would suggest you have access to a pair of gloves, waterproof boots and coat, a windbreaker, useful hat (not a beanie or a flowered bonnet), sunscreen, lightweight shirt and a change of clothes. And no, you don’t need a designer suit to dress for success in this situation. Success will be found in the physical comfort you are in, allowing you to expend your thought and energy on producing what you are being paid for.

How Do YOU Dress For Success??



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  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I agree ,I also live on the Westcoast and all the fancy cloth will not keep you dry when the wind flips over your nice umbrella.Yes you should always have an extra set of clothing with you also.A business meeting with a cold is not to attend



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