Ego Appeals and Wallets

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Ego Appeals and Wallets

When Ego Rules, Everything Else Suffers

This post looks at Ego and its impact in the world of marketing and sales in the third installment of the “Five Sure-fire Sales Techniques” based on Dan Kennedy’s book  ‘The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales. In the first two posts I covered off Intimidation and Selling Money at a Discount. The appeal to Ego is as old as the story of sales, well, definitely the second sale, assuming that the first sale was made to the Joneses because once they had it, well, you know the story. The first salesman, Sammy ‘the slick’ Sales sold a cave in the Pyrenees to Org the Hairy One because Org’s wife Orga said she wasn’t living in the woods anymore if Zoog’s wife was living in a cave. That’s exactly how the first sale went down.

Ego vs. Common Sense

You see, Sammy knew something that all salesmen inherently know. That you will buy when your emotions tell you to buy. Orga was acting off the emotions that her Ego gave her and she saw herself as at least an equal, if not better, than Zoog’s wife. Org knew better than to try to pass off Zoog as a fly by night showboater, after all didn’t Zoog have a better club than his too? Clearly the game of oneupsmanship has been alive and well since the dawn of time. 

But We Don’t Let Ego Run Our Lives

Let’s move to today. Do you have a smartphone? If you don’t how can you possibly communicate? How can you even take your phone out of your pocket or purse without risking the sneers of co-workers and friends? See how well that worked? We all ‘have‘ to have one. Or two. Apple and Samsung are racing each other to the death to make sure that every breathing person has one as soon as possible. Why? Because they have a better one coming along that we simply ‘must have’. Ego says so.



How Do I Compare?

The power of self image and Ego has overtaken common sense in this world of instant communication and information. It is not possible for someone in Africa or Asia to look at what our lives are like and not want to have some of the same things we do, not because they require it for survival, but because now that they know we have it they want one too. If no one knew that the Joneses had an Olympic-sized pool, a horse riding ring, a jetted hot tub fitted with surround sound, or a home theatre how on earth could the marketers have convinced us that we need one too? 

It Isn’t Ego, If I Need It, Is It?

Marketers are masters of blurring the line between common sense and Ego to the point that we feel we must make a purchase or we are not only falling behind, but we might even be poor citizens if we don’t plunk down our credit cards now and make that purchase. Sales of cars designed with safety features have little tag lines that suggest your children are just as valuable as the Joneses, aren’t they? And doesn’t the Joneses new hybrid suggest that they are interested in saving the planet whereas you driving your old (2010 model year car) sled couldn’t care less. How about if the product is proudly made in the good old US of A? See, now that superior quality Asian bike doesn’t look so good does it? Cause the Joneses have a Harley, don’t they?

In the next installment we are going to look at ‘Strong Guarantees’ and their value in sales so don’t forget to check in then.

Till Next Time….

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4 Responses to “Ego Appeals and Wallets”

  1. Gabe Says:

    Really good article, I enjoyed reading it!


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much for stopping by Gabe. Glad you liked it!



  2. Damayanthi Says:

    Great post Sigrid. So many have recommended this book by Dan Kennedy.

    You have given great example & for sure it is going to be very few people who won’t fall for the ego bait for new technology.

    Thanks for sharing

    Damayanthi recently posted…How to build great relationships and get your prospects to trust you?My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much Damayanthi! That old ego sure gets in the way doesn’t it?



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