Email Marketing- List Building Only The Start

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Relationship Building And Email Marketing

There is a lot of advice and information available on the internet and in all sorts of media forums that suggest that all you really need for email marketing is a list. I suppose that is true in the most basic sense, but there is a world of difference between email marketing and effective email marketing.

Marketing is marketing and email marketing follows the same rules that every other form of marketing has had to follow since the dawn of time. Consider the study of the two woolly mammoth hunters Snoog and Gork. Snoog was a very effective hunter right up to the nasty incident where his patented ‘mammoth masher’ misfired and he became a part of the tundra landscape. A very flat part I might add, but I digress. Gork was also an proficient hunter in his own right, but he had a huge advantage over Snoog.

Cavemen And Email Marketing

Gork was an effective marketer. He took the time to find out what cuts of mammoth were most desired by which of his customers, and he soon built a loyal following. He knew that Big Birta loved nothing more than a crisp mammoth rib every morning, while Moork and his family loved mammoth meatloaf. With ketchup, of course. The point is that Gork asked what they wanted and he delivered. Snoog was more of a dump and run kind of marketer. Not a chance he was ever going to ask his customers how they liked his last cold carcass. In his view, talking to people was a waste of time when he could be back out skulking up behind his next target.

email marketing

Needless to say, in short order Gork was becoming quite an affluent man. He and his family upscaled to a new cave complete with fire pit, and the salesman even threw in a new club and a blazing pine knot. Snoog on the other hand was written up by the cave condo committee for having a surplus of rapidly decaying meat piled in front of his door.

Ok, so all of this has been in jest but it does illustrate a very real and topical point. You have to cultivate your relationship with the people that are on your list, whether it’s a caveman’s meat purchasers or your email marketing list. Talk to the people that are on your list. Engage them, invite comments and suggestions and then reply to them. Doesn’t seem too hard to follow does it?

And yes, I know. You’re far too busy to talk to people on your list. And there are already too many people on your list to be able to do that. And of course you’re busy adding more people too. That’s the point that I am going to make. If you have a small, engaged and active email marketing list, you will blow the doors off any competitor that has a much larger list, but has almost no relationship with them. After all, why would you purchase something on the recommendation of someone that you barely know at all? Truth is, you won’t. And neither would I.

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