Six Essential Business Ingredients

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 Essential Business Ingredients

The following are some great essential business ingredients that every small business needs to be a success. If you are thinking of starting your own business, this would be a good checklist to go over to make sure that you aren’t missing any critical steps.

Essential Business Ingredients


1) A Great Or Unique Business Idea

Out of all the essential business ingredients this one is absolutely key. If you have this one nailed cold, then you can get away with missing or altering a few of the others. When you think of Apple, Facebook, Google you can see how they all used a single unique business idea. You can also come up with a great idea of delivering an existing business like McDonalds and Costco have done.

2) Time Management

When you have a small business you are the one in charge – that means that you are also setting your own work schedules.  It is very tempting to allow your personal life to interfere with your work. Remember you are in charge, and you have to act like it, and make sure that everyone working for you remains committed and focused.

3) Hard Work (and Caffeine)

Running a successful business, no matter how great your idea or your time management skills, is all about hard work. There’s no getting around it, and there’s no substitute. In fact, I would go even further and say that it is essential. If hard work scares you, then do something else.  But we’ve found that caffeine definitely helps and on some late nights it is absolutely necessary.

4) Resources

Having resources and knowing how and when to use them is essential. If you have a great idea but no way to produce it, or no way to eat while you’re trying to produce it, then you are not going to be successful. You don’t need a huge cash reserve, but you likely will need some money. Everything takes longer than you expect and costs a lot more too.  

5) Health, Wellness & Support

When you run a small business, you have to take care of yourself. If anything happens to you, the business will likely shut down. Don’t take big risks and be cautious in your daily routine. Your business depends on it.

6) A Sense of Humor!

Easily the second most essential business ingredient. Being a small business owner is often really hard, and having a sense of humor will help you to face the challenges that will inevitably show up. Remember that a winner never quits and that a quitter never wins.

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7 Responses to “Six Essential Business Ingredients”

  1. Diane Grant Says:

    Great article! It’s essential to maintain a sense of humor for sure! Thank you!
    Diane Grant recently posted…Marketing Your Referral ProgramMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Diane! Humor is essential at times, isn’t it?



  2. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I agree, you need all the ingredients you talk about. Also never quit in between for any reason and go back after. Otherwise it is twice as hard to gain back that momentum.


    sigrid Reply:

    I agree Dagmar. Getting back into momentum is much harder than just keeping going…



  3. Ray Allen Says:


    Love the part about caffeine! So true! Many times late at night is bad though cause then you can’t go to sleep!


    sigrid Reply:

    ha ha Ray. How true!




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