Everything Counts

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Everything Counts

Keeping Track-Write It Down

If you just want to get something, ask for it, but if you want to get somewhere, make sure you write everything down.  It’s a fact that the vast majority of people who are methodically successful are people who keep track. They count everything, keep records, make lists and they have goals. Often, very clear and laser focused goals too. They don’t tend to just ‘try things’, they carefully analyze and sort and then shrewdly decide on a course of action.

Counting is Information

That said, once they have made up their minds, they seldom change them again and almost never change them back. There is something about tracking and recording things that triggers our brain and allows it to use that as data to assist in making rapid and complex decisions in the future.  Almost all successful people have this innate ability to ‘think on their feet’.  Lee Iacoca was famous for his ability to do so and is credited with saving Chrysler from slipping beneath the surface.  Lee keeps track of his targets and his accomplishments every day.

Stay on Track – Use Tools

You can too. You don’t need to save a major American company to have something worth recording. If you are in direct sales and your success depends upon your level of activity (and show me ANY type of sales where that isn’t the case) then for goodness sakes track your activities. Keep track of how many dials you make, how many people you talk to, and how much product you sell. Use a system that is easy to enter data in, readily accessible for statistics, and robust enough to be of value. Just don’t get caught up in the tracking of activities to the point where that has become your main focus and activity.

DOC Sheets- Tracking Them Down

When Bob ‘Dr. Increase’ Harrison talks about when he owned a car dealership he was always able to oversee what happened on his lot every day. Bob had a DOC sheet (Daily Operating Control) put on his desk every morning or sent to him if he was away from the dealership. That DOC sheet allowed him to see at a glance how many customers had walked on the lot, what cars they had test driven, how many cars had been sold and who had sold them.  All that information allowed him to make intelligent choices to cease or begin activities that would affect the numbers on the DOC sheet.


By keeping your own DOC sheet you can readily see what you have done on any given day and use that information to set up your goals for tomorrow.  There is just something about lists and goals and reaching targets that is so satisfying to the human soul that we begin to attract the results that we are searching for. Keeping track is essential and the best way to not only review what you have done, but more importantly as a decision making and planning tool for the future.  Tomorrow’s fruit is dependant upon yesterday’s planting.

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