Fear of the Loss of the Love of Someone…aka Jealousy

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Fear of the Loss of the Love of Someone…aka Jealousy



What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is the Fourth Face of Old Man Fear. Jealousy is really another word to describe envy. And to be really specific it’s having the feeling of self entitlement. Just stop and think about that for a second. A person who is jealous sees someone else in a position that they themselves believe that they should be in or are entitled to.  It really is as simple as that. Think about the thought process you went through the last time that you had a burst of jealousy. If you’re anything like me it went sort of like this. I am envious because so and so is doing well. He doesn’t deserve all of that. I should be the one in his position.


The Rainbow of Jealousy

Jealousy knows no boundaries and sure as heck does not have to be rooted in reality. In fact, reality might interfere with the filtered massaging of the inconvenient truth. Facts that are provided might well disable the thin arguments that the jealous mind can create. And we can be jealous of virtually anything from the ridiculous to the sublime.  The term jealousy is often reserved for feelings associated with love but that’s not necessary at all. A good jealous pique can be conjured up over perceived sleights or thoughts of favourtism bestowed upon others whilst we, are left to toil and struggle unfairly against all odds. Sounds impressive doesn’t it.


The Jealous Neurotic

This poor individual is constantly looking over his shoulder, sleeping with one eye open and suspicious of everyone and everything. His work suffers and he is unable to concentrate on even the most simple tasks. Any time spent away from home is sheer agony and he is certain that the minute he is gone his wife is welcoming other men into his house. He calls, she doesn’t answer, he dreads the worst, and soon is on his way over to his house. Creeping up on it he hears voices from inside. Absolutely sure he has caught her red-handed he bursts through the door to find her washing the kitchen floor with the TV on loud so she can hear the vacuous game show droning on in the background. Feeling like a fool, he slinks back to work until the next bout of insecurity.


Other Non-Jealous Traits

Other traits that the insecure person who fears the loss of the love of someone include fault finding, nit picking and reckless gambling.  The gambling comes as a result of trying to purchase the affections by using money as opposed to putting in the time and effort that is the ‘hard work’ component of love. People who are always looking for the fast and easy way to accomplish anything are the ones most likely to become jealous,  or to exhibit traits that show that they sincerely fear the loss of the love of someone. I’ve had my go rounds with this fear, how about you?

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2 Responses to “Fear of the Loss of the Love of Someone…aka Jealousy”

  1. joel pashkin Says:

    “I’ve had my go rounds with this fear, how about you?” All the time but somehow most of the time I let them go pretty soon. Thanks
    joel pashkin recently posted…Life in Retirement – RelaxationMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Good for you Joel!



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