Finding People You Can Trust

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Hard To Find People You Can Trust

Last post I was recounting how I have spent a considerable amount of both time and money in my efforts to crack the nut known as ‘Online Marketing’, and how to this point I really haven’t been all that successful. Or have I?  I am going to copy the last paragraph of my last post and them go from there to show you how you too can find people you can trust that will help you through this process. They won’t do it for free (no one should expect them to), but I am very confident that they aren’t going to rip me off either…

Then I found a few people that were honest. Brutally honest. Told me how 97% of people like me were NEVER going to make our fortune online. NEVER going to be on track for getting out of debt. How I wasn’t going to be one of the 3%. Because it was too hard, it took too long and it cost too much. Well gee, thanks guys, I already knew that. I’d figured that out on my own.

Then something one of them said clicked. “You can’t do this alone”. Well fair enough, but who would I do this with? I sure haven’t met many online ‘leaders’ I would want to do business with. But I had met some people that I trusted, ones that were struggling just like me, just like you. Except a few that weren’t struggling so much anymore. They were quietly making money. And, quite a lot of it, to be exact. Because these are people you can trust I asked them how they were doing it.

people you can trust

What The People You Can Trust Are Doing

I really didn’t expect them to tell me how they were doing it and what their secrets were, but that is exactly what they did. So you and I both wanted to know, ‘What’s the Secret?’ The truth is so simple both of us will feel almost let down. Four simple steps. That’s all. No millions to invest, no months and months of classes. No continuous upsell of a hot new idea every week. Just stuff that works. Oh btw, do you want the four steps? Okay, here they are:

  •   Develop good targeted leads   
  •   Deliver value to them with sales
  •   They will give you dollars for your value
  •   Do it again

Way too easy right? Well, yes and no. The concepts are simple, the follow through is the hard part really. But let’s break it down and look at it one step at a time.

Develop Good Targeted Leads

The people you can trust realized that this was a major stumbling block and the shut down point for so many ofpeople you can trust1 us that have toiled in the trenches of online marketing. Without a way to do this efficiently and repeatedly, it is almost impossible to make serious money online. What I needed was a process that I can follow. But more than a process, I need a community of experts and peers that I can learn from and with so that as the niche evolves, so do I. There is nothing more frustrating than mastering a skill only to find that the game has changed, and my skill no longer has value. This can’t happen here because all of the teaching is in the now, in methods that are being used by the leaders in the field today. This is so much more than someone selling you on a business that they no longer participate in.

We’ve all had that where the only profitable business that the teaching guru has is the one where he/she is selling courses on how to make money with online marketing. Other than that, they don’t really have a money making online marketing career at all. With DMC that isn’t the case. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. They don’t measure their success in the dollars that they take in. They measure it in the number of people that they can help propel to becoming successful. When you check them out you will see why I say that they are people you can trust.

But don’t just take my word, after all why should you? Go and talk to people involved, talk to other students, talk to people in the industry, but most of all talk to some who have been though the process. See why they feel this is by far and away the best way to go about developing leads, and tomorrow I’m going to show you why that relationship with the lead is so important.

Unless you have no interest in making money or in becoming a successful online marketer. If that’s the case, you’re free to go.

Till Next Time….

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3 Responses to “Finding People You Can Trust”

  1. Hale Pringle Says:

    Boy am I with you on that one Sigrid.

    YOU CAN”T DO IT ALONE. Every leader in the industry will eventually tell you that.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Dr. Hale
    Hale Pringle recently posted…Becoming an Attraction Marketer – Promotion Phase- 3 of 3My Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks for the support and encouragement Dr.Hale. We learned early on that if we are going to keep things to ourselves we could only play a very small role.




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