Five Sure-fire Sales Techniques

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 Five Sure-fire Sales Techniques

These five proven sales techniques are highlighted in Dan S. Kennedy’s book,  “The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales. In the book Dan uses them as techniques to utilize within the content of a sales letter. We are going to take a look at them in the context of sales approaches in person or on the phone as opposed to in sales letters, but the medium is secondary and it is the message that remains key. In this first post I am going to cover the 1st Technique and give some examples to better illustrate the points that Dan Kennedy has raised.


Intimidation may seem at first glance as a risky way to introduce sales, but it can be used and used effectively if it is prefaced in the correct manner or if the situation lends itself to it. Dan mentions that the hardest deal to make is the one where you feel that it is life or death, where you have become desperate for the sale, and you need it so bad you are willing to throw everything you have into it just to make the sale.

I remember walking through an almost empty trade show in Vancouver years ago and being almost accosted by a fellow almost begging me to buy something, anything, from him and at any price. I saw a tool set that I didn’t really need at the time and I mentioned a ridiculously low price. Before I knew it I was lugging this tool set out to my ‘student day’s sedan (a rusted VW bug) with his words ringing in my ears, “well, I had to sell something at this damn event.”

He makes a good point. It is very hard to make the forced sale and conversely astonishingly easy to make the diffident, ‘I don’t really care’ type of sale, when the timing is right for the buyer. Let’s look a little further.


1. Limited Number Available

It’s one thing to say this to people, and of course when you are writing it you have the advantage of not being visible, so the customer is taking your word on it. Every business it seems has used this, but we as consumers always respond predictably when we are told this and urgency is the result. It’s very powerful when the public perception (right or wrong) is that the item (EG pure jade or old coin) is very rare and by having it they would join a select group.

2. Most Will Buy

This works really well when it is an item that is very popular. People do not want to be the only person who does not have one of them. Currently you see this sort of consumer reaction to smartphones and tablets, but it transcends markets. It is unimaginable to be a wealthy home owner in California or Florida and not have an outdoor pool, gosh the sky might fall if you don’t. Similarly, you can’t be a well to do redneck without a quad and a camper. If the Jones’ have one then we need two.

3. Only a Few Can Afford

This time honoured tradition of self agrandization is a terrific tool on those people who are motivated by appearances. They feel that you are what you have to a large degree, so they MUST drive a Mercedes or have a certain address, or dress in a Saville Row suit or they couldn’t possibly be who they are. I know one chap who insisted that his business cards be embossed, claiming that this would set him apart from the riff raff who just have printed cards. By appealing to his egotistical thinking that he would be unique and ‘ a cut above’, the sales person who sold him the upsell on the cards had an easy sale.

4. Only a Few Qualify

By making sure that there is an application process you set into the consumers mind that very few ‘select’ individuals can possibly own this precious commodity. Some dealers in high end cars have used this technique and it is often used in the sales of franchises and business licences when in reality the only threshold is often money. It has been used for years in memberships of exclusive clubs and golf courses thus driving the price of the commodity well into the stratosphere, but adding to the allure of the item. People want what they cannot have. Just watch what gets taken during looting in any emergency. Rationality escapes the best of us at times.

5. Time’s Running Out

While this has been used effectively by every furniture store that has ever gone out of business, it isn’t just restricted to the availability of a product or service, it can also apply to the customer themselves. There has been a huge number of convertibles sold to people who are convinced that the wind blowing through their hair will recapture their youth, and that they have to buy it this year because ,well, next year they will be old. The same with sports coupes and bikinis. The auto manufacturing sector has been quick to pick up on this mindset and has come out with a slew of retro models that will return us to our youth. Or so they would like to have us think.

In the next post we will look at how you can sell money at a discount. That also means that you can buy it for pennies on the dollar. Tune in then as we see how it is possible to sell less for more!

Till Next Time….

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4 Responses to “Five Sure-fire Sales Techniques”

  1. Greg Agustin Jr. Says:

    Hey Sigrid,
    Love book reviews! A way to give the readers a “sneak peek” inside the read.. Great strategies to implement into business – creates urgency.. Thanks so much for sharing =)
    Greg Agustin Jr. recently posted…5 Strategies To Get Prospects To Join You NowMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much Greg! And you are so welcome. I love reviews too….



  2. Marilyn Arriaga Says:

    Yes I have seen these tactics over and over. For some reason they do work though.
    Marilyn Arriaga recently posted…Gratitude ChallengeMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    I think it is human nature Marilyn for people to not want to lose out on what others may have.



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