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Follow Through Is Integrity With Its Workboots On

When a problem arises it is human nature to want to find a solution to the problem. People who can do so and do it well, are rewarded with some of the most generous compensation that anyone can imagine.  However, none of this would ever occur if it wasn’t for the art of follow though.

In sports, and indeed in any activity when there is contact being made, you hear the term follow through being used. Basically, what it means in this context is that once contact is made you continue with the same striking motion as momentum carries you past the point of contact.

How Follow Through Works

follow throughThink of a baseball player hitting a ball when it is pitched to him. His follow through will carry his bat through the contact with the baseball and bring it right out the other side. You will often hear coaches offer the advice to their players to swing right through the ball. The exact same motion is used by tennis and golf players when they use their follow through swing to maximize their power and to improve their aim.

It is this exact same follow thorough principle that works so well for us when we encounter prospects in the online marketing industry. Our approach to them is going to result in a series of reactions, and it is our follow through to those reactions that will prove or disprove our value to the prospect. Inevitably, our interaction with other people is going to identify problems that they have that are preventing them from moving forward or taking action.

By promising to act on those problems or concerns, we are making a commitment to undertake an action (not unlike swinging a baseball bat, a golf club or a tennis racquet). By following through on our commitment, we are able to better aim our problem solving solutions and to make the most of the inertia we have created from our action.

Calling our clients and prospects back (as promised), setting appointments, making sales and following up with existing customers are all examples of follow through. So too is writing a blog post, making a video or uploading pictures. All activities that are a direct response to a specific problem are considered one form of follow through or another.

Pay attention to  your activities during the course of a day and you will be amazed at just how often you are actually involved in the act of follow through, or are you??

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