The Frustration Of Technology

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Defining The Frustration Of Technology

I have always had trouble embracing technology and relying on something that I cannot see. Call me old school, backwards or a Luddite, I don’t care. There is something disconcerting about a piece of technology that simply doesn’t perform as expected, especially when the root cause isn’t readily apparent.  I don’t believe as some folks do, that technology is out to get me, and I appreciate that there is no way that anyone can operate in today’s world and function efficiently without it.

Everyone Experiences The Frustration of Technology

Luckily for me I do not have any friends that are true whizzes with technology, and I suppose that in comparison to some, I am a long way along the technical information curve. I’ve been using computers for over thirty years, and there are moments when it shows. However, all too often there are moments that show that after all this time, I know next to nothing and the frustration of technology comes through.

When it takes my computer six or seven minutes to open a single unpopulated word document, I am given to wonder just exactly what does my computer think that I asked it to do? Rebuild the Taj Mahal? That might be a faster and more productive task. I have often said that there are times when I have enough waiting time spare that I would be able to get a cup of coffee. I just never thought it would be so much time that I could actually drive to the nearest Tim Ho’s, order and possibly make my return prior to it being opened and ready to go.

I realize that having multiple screens open can cause the entire process to bog down even more, so I work at keeping as few windows open as possible. What really irritates me is not knowing the process of what is slowing everything to a glacial pace. If I knew the hang-up was being caused by this or that action, then I could alter my workload to make it as easy as possible on the computer. I would love to have something just a touch more informative than an unchanging hourglass that appears to be involved in a passive-aggressive tug-of-war between two programs in the computer.

frustration of technology

I often picture the two contrasting programs each armed with dueling pistols turning and firing at each other across the motherboard inside. It may well have, ’Intel’ inside, but it is lacking the ‘ligence’ that would go with the intel. If there were pop-ups that proclaimed what the hold-up was, I would feel so much better even if the updates were only feeble attempts at bad humour, such as I am temporarily out of service until I can finish uploading the latest Breaking Dawn trailer or whatever.

I have often compared computers to cars, and said that most modern vehicles only require you to turn the key in order to start it, and very rudimentary skills are all that is required for operation.  For some strange reason we are all expected to become diagnostic technicians for our technological toys. That is no different than expecting all car owners to be capable mechanics, so if something isn’t operating correctly we only have to pop the hood up and fix it. That scenario is laughable and won’t ever happen in the automotive world. So why does it work for one industry and not for another?

Oh, my computer has finally caught up and I can get back to the task I was working on before. Isn’t technology wonderful? Aside from the Frustration of Technology it’s smooth sailing.

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “The Frustration Of Technology”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I know exactly what you are talking about. Sometimes I feel like giving up or throwing the computer out of the window,technology is going to fast for my liking. Also it takes way too long to open up the screen sometimes. I know we cannot do without it, this age of technology, but I sure don’t like it at times!


    sigrid Reply:

    I feel exactly the same way sometimes Dagmar – totally frustrated!



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