It’s All Good In The Hood

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Your Hood Is Your Home- Treat It With Respect

Guest Post by Archie McNab

Just a few weeks ago my brother returned home from a trip with his family and was kind enough to bring me back a  tee shirt. It has a picture of Mr. Rogers seated with a smile on his face tying up his shoe. The caption ‘It’s all good in the hood’ is written across the bottom. He knew I would get a kick out of that, as will anyone old enough to remember the affable Mr. Rogers. It did make me think of another ‘hood’ though, one that we all can identify with, no matter what our age is.

I am referring to the ‘hood’ of internet marketing. Although it doesn’t have the physical attributes of a neighbourhood or ‘hood’, it does have a remarkable amount of similarities. Groups of people work together with a common purpose in mind, and there are some unwritten codes that apply if you want to remain a citizen of good standing in the hood.


Honesty is valued in the hood. If you say what you do, and do what you say, people will inevitably been drawn to you. They like getting what they expect for their money, not something else, and certainly not something they don’t want or need. People like to be able to trust others, and just in the same way it is nice to be able to trust the neighbours on your street , it is nice to be able to trust others in your internet niche or hood.

Why What Hood You Live In Matters

Clearly people like doing business with people that they know and like. And the internet marketing hood prizes and rewards those same defining qualities. You may see someone surge ahead based upon less than total honesty or integrity, but sooner or later they will get back what they have been putting out. If you treat your niche and those in it with the same respect that you would in your own hood,  you can expect to have greater cooperation and a much larger support net.

When you have good neighbours, you have someone to turn to when you need a helping hand or a bit of advice. You can count on others in your hood to help you because you will do the same. Or have already done the same for them. That is the beauty and the power of belonging. Just make sure that you treat others with the same respect that you would like yourself and you will do fine. After all, “It’s all good in the hood.” You can trust Mr. Rogers.

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