Good People Aren’t Hard To Find…They Stand Out Like Beacons!


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Good People Aren’t Hard To Find…They Stand Out Like Beacons!


Gold Growing On A Sundeck


It’s so true, it really does. I was just talking to a delightful woman the other day and complimenting her on her hanging baskets. They are spectacular, especially given the somewhat cooler than normal spring we have had. She thanked me for the compliment and then said something that was worth its weight in gold. She said, ‘In order to get them looking that good you have to start with good plants to begin with.’  You see, years ago she had purchased good quality plants and put them in her hanging baskets and taken good care of them. She fertilizes them at half the recommended dose so that their blooms last longer and she carefully overwinters them so they don’t dry out or freeze.


Start On the Ground Floor

The important point here is that she doesn’t start with a bunch of so-so material and then try to nurture it into becoming a ‘Home And Garden’ cover. She starts with the best plants that she can find. Yes, of course proper care and attention makes a HUGE difference,  but it’s so much easier if you have a great foundation to work from. So too, with your network marketing business. If you take the time to research what company best suits you then you will have a good foundation to grow from. A while back I wrote Choosing Your Network Marketing Company’ as a guide to helping make that choice.


Way Up North

While talking I also asked this lady when her commercial fishing husband,  Barry, would be back as I missed talking to him and waving to him as we pass each other on the way to and from various destinations. She said he was up north fishing and she didn’t expect him by until late September. I said I am sure he will have six months worth of work to do when he got back. She laughed and agreed, then said that Barry would be trying to do it all in three months just to keep people happy.


‘Just A Working Fool?’

Barry is also an electrician. He loves fishing, but that only takes up part of his year so he decided early on in his career to also become an electrician. Truth is, Barry likes to work, he likes what he does, and he is good at it. He is also the most positive person I know. If Barry has an enemy or even someone who thinks poorly of him, I’ve never met them. Even my brother, who is not known for heaping praise on anyone, calls Barry a prince among men.


Wait For Me

He is universally liked because of the attitude he has. I am sure that it is that same attitude that gives him a huge loyal following of clients who will gladly wait till he returns in September, and then wait their turn till he can get to their job. Barry isn’t the best guy at wiring (although he is very good) and he may not be the world’s fastest either,  but he has something that no other electrician I have ever met does. And that is his positive attitude and the fact that he is grateful and very happy with what he does have. That isn’t to say he doesn’t aspire to more, he certainly does,  but he truly appreciates what he does have and what we as a society enjoy here in western Canada as opposed to 99% of the rest of the world.


Positive Energy Kills!

It truly does. Nothing can banish fear and uncertainty like positive energy. Dark thoughts and a gloomy countenance flee in terror in the face of a positive thinking person. The negatives of the world don’t stand a chance once we make a conscious decision to look at the positive in a situation and see it for not so much what it is…but rather, what it can be. If we use positive thinking as our ‘good foundation’ it will be so much easier to grow the sweet smelling gorgeous flower that’s known as ‘success’.

Happiness is found in doing, not merely possessing’  Napoleon Hill


Till Next Time…

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7 Responses to “Good People Aren’t Hard To Find…They Stand Out Like Beacons!”

  1. Marquel Russell Says:

    Awesome Post, Sigrid!

    I totally agree that a Positive Attitude is very powerful! You will attract more of the people that are on your same frequency and the people that are prone by Negativity will stay far away(if they’re not trying to change), because they believe your way of thinking is “Too Good To Be True!!”

    Keep up the great work, Sigrid!!

    To Your Infinite Success,


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks so much Marquel. You are so right – I think of very negative people as big “energy suckers”. When we are positive, well, like attracts like!



  2. Ginny Says:

    This one is a biggie:

    “If you take the time to research what company best suits you then you will have a good foundation to grow from.”

    Top reason why most fail to make money…they join the wrong company for the wrong reasons. Just had a thought for my next blog…

    Thanks Sigrid.

    Ginny recently posted…Content Marketing Plan – 5 steps after the BlogMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Frequently people do join companies for the wrong reason and refuse to acknowledge it. They then waste valuable time and energy looking for a convenient scapegoat rather than identifying the root cause and accepting responsibility.



  3. Joel Pashkin Says:

    Great post. Thank you


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Joel!



  4. sigrid Says:

    Absolutely Bill. People who are positive attract other people. They want to know what you’ve got!



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