Hard Hitting Email Marketing

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Email Marketing That Has Teeth

Have you wondered why your emails don’t get the opt-in rate that many of the industry leaders do? Why do they consistently get rates that are 30, 40 even 50% or more? It isn’t just in the lists that you keep or in the words that you use. Sometimes it isn’t even about the title or the topic.

Core Concepts To Email Marketing

Sometimes it is as simple as the message. Simple messages sell. Complex messages can easily be confusing and the confused mind says no. The key to effective email marketing is to be very, very clear.

Use short words. Use short sentences. Use short paragraphs to create plenty of white space that will keep your message clean and crisp.

Don’t use gaudy graphics that are designed to entertain rather than inform. Do use graphics that are attention grabbers to make a point or invite curiosity.

Keep all the important information on the first part of the page so that your reader doesn’t have to scroll down to find the main point of your email.

email marketing

Keep email marketing to a single message per email. Same with selling. Sell one item per email. It isn’t a buffet table or a store front.

Clearly identify the problem that your email marketing is geared towards. E.g. ‘Hair loss for men.’ Don’t dilute your message by talking about anything else.

Identify with the pain. Be personal. E.g. “When I first suffered from hair loss I would find women would look away when I approached them. It made me feel as though I was less attractive and undatable.” Dwell on the pain, make it real.

Bring in the solution. Do it with authority as though you and you alone have the answer. Be confident in your message, leaving no doubt that you have THE answer. E.g. “Since finding ‘GroGain’ my hair is fuller, richer and I have multiple dates every weekend. I’m forced to date during the week just to keep up. My life hasn’t been the same.”

Use your email marketing to share information and to teach as well as sell. If all you do is sell, you will lose people. Keep your content original and keep it light.

Use humor in your emails carefully. Some people are easily offended by even the most innocent of remarks. Don’t be controversial.

Respond to replies. This is your one great chance to communicate with your readers and to find out what they want and how effective and valuable your message is to them. Email marketing at its finest is a back and forth flow of information.

Keep tweaking your messages and your style. Split test to gauge effectiveness. There is no ‘perfect’ email so always look at refining your message.

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