Have You Missed These Three Critical Marketing Lessons Part Three

Guest Post By Archie McNab

Three Critical Marketing Lessons You Can’t Afford To Miss

We grow quite a few different veggies on the family farm, and we are always on the lookout for something that will broaden our customer base or give our regular customers additional value. Over the past ten years or so one of my brothers has been growing squash and gradually increasing the amount and varieties that he is growing.

I Learned Three Critical Marketing Lessons This Weekend

He has learned that by providing options that no one else has, he can fill a niche market that may only be very small, but one that he can dominate in.

The Third Of The Critical Marketing Lessons

critical marketing lessons

As I mentioned yesterday, despite catcalls and sneers from family members and not so loyal supporters, I had planted a bunch of different gourds this spring to add to the fall color display at the vegetable stand. This past week I determined that some of them were definitely ready for market, so I harvested the largest, most colorful and yes, gloriously warted individual, and put an optimistic price tag of ten dollars on him along with a sticker that simply read, “Old Ugly”.

It looked as though I was going to be given one of the critical marketing lessons ‘Don’t grow things that you cannot sell’, as the days slipped by and Old Ugly sat unwanted and unloved in the corner.

Then one morning it happened. Old Ugly had vanished.

No one knew if he had met with foul play or if he had been purchased. And to most it didn’t matter, he was gone. I had a different view, and fortified with the sure knowledge that there was pent up gourd demand I harvested three more.

According to the stickers I proved them with there was New Ugly, Lumpy (straight from Stephen King’s Squash Patch) and a hideously warted gourd that I didn’t have a name for, but I did affix a label which read,’The Unfortunate Result of Cane Toad Licking.’ I sent it along to the local Cedar Farmer’s Market with my brother and our load of veggies, and he put it proudly on display.

This is where the third of the critical marketing lessons shows up so pay close attention. 

My brother reports that he had a constant flow of people asking questions about the gourd, and whether or not the label was true. He got stories of cane toads from people who had lived in Australia and everyone had a comment. People were bringing their children and friends over to see this gourd.

The Cane Toad gourd didn’t sell, but that isn’t the point. It got a ton of attention, and it helped to sell a whack of other vegetables.

The third of the critical marketing lessons  is to not be afraid of using a little humour to market your products.

I don’t recommend being vulgar or using crass headlines (although you may find a niche audience), but rather see ifgourd you can’t see a little humour in the situation. It breaks the ice, and once you have people laughing with you, it is a lot easier to present them with something else.

Marilyn Monroe is widely credited with saying that, ‘If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything.’ Without getting too deeply into that particular thought, I’d like to just take from it the value of humour in marketing and why it became the third of the critical marketing lessons that I learned all in one weekend.

Ah yes, by the way, the Cane Toad gourd sold yesterday as well. Time to do some more harvesting.

That brings me to the fourth of the Critical Marketing Lessons, ‘Do what works, and do it again, and again, and again.’

Till Next Time

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