Have You Missed These Three Critical Marketing Lessons Part Two

Guest Post By Archie McNab
Guest Post By Archie McNab
Guest Post By Archie McNab

Guest Post By Archie McNab

Three Critical Marketing Lessons You Can’t Afford To Miss

We grow quite a few different veggies on the family farm, and we are always on the lookout for something that will broaden our customer base or give our regular customers additional value. Over the past ten years or so one of my brothers has been growing squash and gradually increasing the amount and varieties that he is growing.

I Learned Three Critical Marketing Lessons This Weekend

He has learned that by providing options that no one else has, he can fill a niche market that may only be very small, but one that he can dominate in.

The Second Of The Critical Marketing Lessons

This year in addition to the ever increasing varieties of squash that the farm grows, we have also planted a number of gourds. Accompanied by howls of dismay and hoots of derision, this spring I planted a number of gourds which are really ornamental members of the squash family. My thinking was that it adds to the color and the harvest atmosphere that the stand creates and who knows, some might actually sell.

critical marketing lessons

In actual fact, in addition to doing that, they also provided me with my second critical marketing lessons of the weekend. You see, some of the gourds (or as my sister would say, FAR TOO MANY) of the gourds have reached championship size, and exceed ten pounds in weight and a foot in diameter.

Here is the second of the critical marketing lessons so listen up. It is hard to ignore something that is brilliantly colored, covered in warts and sitting like an oversized blob of spectacular ugliness in the corner of the stand. I called my first one “Old Ugly” and put a ridiculous price of ten dollars on a sticker. He was there nearly a week, then gone, gone, gone.

In the meanwhile he generated a ton of comment and critique. He got attention. He was noticed. And he got sold.

uniqueThere is huge value in being unique, even if it means you stand out because you are uglier than everyone else. You don’t have to generate the sale if you are generating attention. If you have enough people’s attention for long enough, someone will buy something.

I still can recall an old axiom that I read as a boy. I am not sure who originally wrote it but it goes like this.

“Praise, like gold and diamonds, owes its value to its scarcity”.

This is exactly what was happening in this critical marketing lesson.

The value was in being different, in standing out from the others.

Don’t be another McDonalds, Starbucks or Walmart. Be unique and offer something that no one else does. Don’t continue to stay part of the crowd.

Tomorrow we are going to take on the third of the weekend’s critical marketing lessons.

So be sure to check back in then.

Till Next Time

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