Have You Missed These Three Critical Marketing Lessons

Guest Post By Archie McNab

Three Critical Marketing Lessons you Can’t Afford To Miss

We grow quite a few different veggies on the family farm, and we are always on the lookout for something that will broaden our customer base or give our regular customers additional value. Over the past ten years or so one of my brothers has been growing squash and gradually increasing the amount and varieties that he is growing.

I Learned Three Critical Marketing Lessons This Weekend

The First of Three Critical Marketing Lessons

It has gotten to the point where he has a tremendous display of squash that he does up each fall. One year he had them all on an old wagon, and last year he had them on a tiered pallet display. Just a riot of color, shapes and sizes. Squash are colorful, and their unique shapes and various contortions make them a natural photographer’s magnet. There is just something about a huge pile of squash that draws people to it.


This year we have been blessed with fabulous weather during our growing season, and due to the good fortune of having lots of water stored up we were able to irrigate through the summer. The result has been a spectacular squash crop this year, and a good three weeks earlier than last year, so many of the winter squash are already available for sale on the roadside stand.  It is a great addition to the sweet corn, potatoes, beets, carrots and beans that we already typically have in the summer. I had no idea that it would also provide me with what I call my first critical marketing lesson.

critical marketing lessonsThe only drawback, and it is a minor one, is that people can easily become overwhelmed by the variety and abundance of squash and rather than picking out one or two, they are almost intimidated by them. I’ve also watched customers pick out a few that they are comfortable with, varieties that they can recognize and are familiar with. I wanted a way to make people feel more relaxed and informed around them, so I thought of an easy way to do that. This is my first of three critical marketing lessons.

Clearly State What You Have For Sale                         

I began using painter’s tape and writing the name of the squash on the tape, then sticking it on the squash. It worked like a charm. Almost every day now, all of the squash that I label, are sold by the day’s end or at most in a day or two. I’ve since improved on that idea and add a short descriptor note to give the buyer a bit more information, or point out a benefit of the squash.

For instance, on the Celebrity squash I will put on the note that it ‘tastes like a butternut.’ Now, almost anyone familiar with the flavor of a butternut can make that association. Squash sales have moved up appreciably.

The critical marketing lesson here is that you must state exactly what it is you are selling.

Be crystal clear in your description and in your definition of your product or service

Remember, the confused mind says no.

You don’t want no’s. You want yes’s and lots of them. Have people view your product or services with possibilities and confidence so that they know exactly what it is that they are buying. People like to feel informed and it is a small investment to make to provide any education that you can.

Tomorrow we are going to look at critical marketing lesson number 2,  so come on back and join us then.

Till Next Time

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