Heroes In Our Lives

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Heroes In Our Lives


Guest Post By Archie McNab

I just wanted to take a moment to salute some of the heroes in our lives.  People who inspire, people who mentor, people who nurture and people who teach.  There are countless others as well and some of them will come to mind as you read through this.

 What got me started on this train of thought was a visit to the mother-in-law’s yesterday.  She had made a fantastic home cooked meal for us to celebrate our anniversary. On the ride home afterwards I asked my wife how old her mother is.  Yes I know. I am sure there are much more dedicated son-in-laws than me who know exactly how old their mother-in-laws are but I’m not in their league. 

When my wife told me, I was amazed at what all her mom accomplishes and how active she is on so many facets of life.  I remarked that I would be very happy to do a fraction of her activities when I am that age. I also reflected on how much of an inspiration she is to us all, her friends and her family both. 

Despite losing her husband only a few years ago she has increased her level of involvement in the condo development she lives on, swims regularly and runs a home based business.  She is a fantastic grandmother (Oma in german) and great grandmother to an ever increasing number of children but still finds time to lead a busy social life visiting her friends. 

Only a few years ago she attended a self development seminar and was the star of the show amazing people by completing her physical challenges with more ease than many of her younger cohorts. It was pretty much impossible for any other members of the class to ‘wimp out’  if Oma had already completed the event.

No doubt there are people like her in your lives who inspire and sometimes     nudge  (none too gently) to help us on our way.  Without them we wouldn’t have become what we are today so we owe them a vote of thanks.

Take the time today to recognize one of your heroes and thank them.  Take them a flower, go for a coffee with them, run an errand, do a chore.  There are a million ways you can say thank you and to show them that you appreciate all that they have done for you.

Most of them are just like my mother-in-law and they won’t even see themselves as being heroes or thinking that they are remarkable in any way. But to you and I ….they make the world a much better place.  Here’s to you mom.  Thanks!

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