Honesty Is The Best Policy

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 Honesty Pays- Literally

Honesty and Integrity – Endangered Species?

When you look around you, and see the worst of humanity during Black Friday sales events held around the continent, it’s easy to become jaundiced and think that some of the old school values are about extinct. In fact, there isn’t much evidence to counteract that type of thinking, but if I may, I’d like to present you with a couple of examples that fly in the face of what appear to be current trends.

In a world that is increasingly violent, and where duplicity and brinkmanship are the rule of the day, it is very refreshing to see people who will never fit that mold. You can say that they are out of touch with reality and question their intelligence, but I get the distinct impression that these two couldn’t care what you or I think, and won’t change just because they are ‘different.’


Cheryl Gavazzi of Massachusetts was shopping for a gift for her daughter-in-law, and thought she had found the perfect present. However, when she lifted the brightly colored blue bag, she noticed that there were contents in the bag. Rolled up $100 bills, diapers, wipes and a wallet, but no adult ID. By the time that she took the bag to the local police, a man had called to report the bag missing. It turned out that when he and his wife were shopping, he had set the bag down by mistake. The rolled up Franklins were actually the proceeds from a fundraiser to build a church in Guatamala.

The man called Gavazzi to thank her personally for her honesty, and insisted that she accept a $200  reward, pointing out that he would have had to give up Christmas and to sell his car just to cover the missing money. Cheryl, who has two grandchildren, insisted that she returned the money because it was the right thing to do.

Also consider the case of Singapore cab driver, Sia Ka Tian, who noticed a black paper bag in the back of his vehicle. When he looked in the bag, he saw that it was jammed full of currency. Sia had no trouble deciding what to do with the money. His first thoughts were that the bag of money was a bag of trouble as far as he was concerned, and he wasted no time in turning in the money to the lost and found at the cab company. Turns out that there was over $900,000.00 in the back, and had been left by a vacationing Thai couple who contacted the cab company as soon as the bag was discovered missing.

Tian said that the money was unimportant to him, and if he didn’t own it, he couldn’t spend it. Now that’s a salient point that the federal government would do well to heed, and follow the example of. For his due diligence and unbending honesty, Sia was given a ‘significant award’ by the grateful couple, as well as winning a good service award from the cab company itself. For these two at least, honesty is not only the best policy, it is the only policy.

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  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I might be out of touch with what is going on out there ,but I am glad that we have still a lot of honest poeple.I could not do anything but return it also



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