How Do I Get More Business From Networking Events?

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How Do I Get More Business From Networking Events?

This would seem like the ultimate time to meet new prospects especially if you are attending a venue that is hosting multiple events. I can’t remember how many events I have been to where there was another group just down the hall that was gathered for a reason that dove-tailed perfectly with the business gathering that I was attending. There are a few rules to follow that will ensure you come away with more quality contacts then you ever have before.


Five Things You Must Do To Get More Quality Contacts At ANY Event:

  • Set a Quota – Don’t allow yourself to keep more than five contacts on the front burner at one time. This seems counter-intuitive but it works. If you have met everybody, you have made a contact with nobody. Pick only the five best contacts that you met that day to further conversation with. This selection process will force you to weed out your weakest prospects. 


  • Be Interested, Not Interesting – When you meet people and talk to them ask them about themselves and be genuinely interested. Don’t fall into the ‘dare to compare’ trap. Remember, you are looking to build rapport with them, not become an entertainer. This takes a little practice but most people do love to talk about themselves, given the chance.


  • Stand Apart – No I don’t mean wear a shirt that would better suit a Jimmy Buffet concert (although I have done that to good effect). All you have to do to stand out is to take a few minutes to find out what the other persons challenges are. Don’t pump them for information but asking questions like ‘What do you hope to get from this event?’ will often give you some insight into what is going on in their world.


  • Get Carded – ask politely for their contact information.  When you get the card actually look at it and back at them. It will help you associate the name with the face more readily. The backs of the cards are great places to jot a few notes about the owner and the connection you feel you have with them. Just make sure that you don’t turn it into a card collecting contest. You are only looking for five people but once you have their information make sure that you follow up with them within 48 hours of the event and preferably within 24.


  • Ask, ask, ask & listen – prior to the event, write down two or three great opening questions that will give you answers that will lead to further conversation. Don’t ask questions that will terminate in a yes or no answer. Ask them about their business and what they feel is the one thing that they wished they had that would really make a difference in their business. Then find a way to get it to them. It could be in the form of a book or a course that you can refer them to that addresses their want. Alternatively it could be a mentor or a person that possesses the solution to their problem that you know of but they don’t.  


Four Things You Should Never Do At Any Event

  • Give out your cards willy nilly –  like you’re the Easter Bunny dishing out eggs. If someone really wants your information they will write it down. Scattering a flurry of cards leaves the impression that you aren’t at all selective about who you work with and smacks of desperation. It also tends to cheapen the value of what you are offering and that’s a cardinal sin in marketing.


  •  Try to close –   In fact don’t even try to sell any product or service that you may have, rather than do that, work instead on referring your new acquaintance to a source likely to have a solution to a problem that they have identified. Don’t assume that you know what they need.


  • Be dull –   There are a million topics of conversation that you can employ so there is no need for you to do a fungus imitation and just sit there.  You have the rest of the year to do that at home. No, seriously, make sure that you do engage people. That’s the critical first step in relationship building.


  • Be a hummingbird –  You’re not flitting from flower to flower or from one contact to another. Take the time to build rapport and treat every person as though they are long lost friends that you can’t wait to talk to again.


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