How To Write A Blog Post In 10 Minutes

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Write A Blog Post In 10 Minutes?

Seems crazy doesn’t it? A blog post in 10 minutes? Or nearly impossible? But I assure you it isn’t. And if you follow these tips, I am sure that you can easily cut the time that it usually takes you in half. And that wouldn’t be too shabby, would it? First of all, if you are going to do anything in a short period of time you have got to be organized. And no, organize isn’t a bad word, even for a random thinker like myself.

4 Keys To Write A Blog Post In 10 Minutes

1. Have A Process That You Can Follow

If you’re going to write a blog post in 10 minutes and do it consistently, you have to have a process that you can follow good post ideasevery time, so you aren’t scampering picking up this and that piece from all over like a squirrel collecting his winter’s nuts. To start with you need a title, a headline, and most of all, an idea. I collect ideas all day long. Seriously, I do. If you’re going to be a writer and an accomplished blogger, you need to do the same. Have pen and paper with you at all times. Type them in your phone, send yourself texts, whatever works for you. Pay attention to what you see and hear throughout the day, and you will be amazed at the number of good post ideas you will come up with.

2. Keep your post short and to the point.

Or you won’t write a blog post in 10 minutes. And yes, I could use some of my own advice. As a convicted rambler of prose, I need to be vigilant or my post can easily exceed 1000 words and that is too long. Write 3-5 paragraphs each around a single core point. Really, that’s all you need. If you have 3-5 core points that you are going to present on a single topic that will make a great post. If the message that you want to convey is longer than that, then by all means make it into two parts. Or a blog series. write a blog post in 10 minutes

3. Use pictures and or videos that help to present or reinforce your message.

Coloured graphs and quotes work too. They present something visual to break up your text and to stimulate your reader’s interest. You don’t have to have twirling and flashing graphics that disrupt the reader’s attention or divert it away from the message you are delivering. Choose pictures that will closely bond to the content of your message. One trick that I love to use is to look at the picture that I am going to accompany my post with, and write about something that specifically comes from that picture. That will cement your point in your reader’s mind.

4. Preplan your post.

write a blog post in 10 minutesHere is a little trick that I use that helps me keep my writing time down so that I can write a blog post in 10 minutes. I will determine what my post is going to be about the night before as I like to write first thing in the morning. (Coincidentally, that’s when I have the most uninterrupted available time as well.) Then just before sleeping, I will let my mind wander on the topic and come up with a few key points that I want to touch on, so that in the morning I already have a rough framework planned for my blog. I find it quite easy to put words together around my points and write my blog in hardly any time at all, and best of all, it’s painless. And fun. Give it a go and let me know how it works for you in the comments below.

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  1. Michelle Pitot Says:

    Great post! I’m on a blogging quest and this will be very helpful — gotta get a notebook to write down my ideas all day. Thank you.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    You are so welcome Michelle. I think that you will find that notebook really helpful. The key is to record ideas as soon as possible…



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