I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money to Invest, What Do I Do?

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I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money to Invest, What Do I Do?


I just read an interesting article by a friend of mine who was pointing out some obvious truths.  And maybe they aren’t so obvious or we would all be well aware of them and conduct ourselves accordingly.  Here are some of the points he was making.

  • You cannot create a large amount of money with a small investment amount 
  • A limited monthly income won’t allow you to reap the rewards of larger opportunities.
  • Having an IRA or a ROTH (RRSP for Canadians) isn’t a guaranteed significant source of income
  • The only way to make significant money that you will actually be allowed to keep is by owning a home based business


Now it’s time to cover a few basic pointers about home based businesses that actually make money…lots of money.


You have to bring something to the marketplace

This seems really basic but you would be surprised by the amount of people who are just so sure that all they have to do is what everyone else is doing.  If you do what everyone else does you will get what everyone else gets and that’s not very exciting.  Be different, think differently, act differently.


Determine what your unique skill set is. 

You may be capable of being a tutor, an advisor, an inventor, writer, work in sales, set up a referral service….the possibilities are endless.  It’s the best of all worlds if it’s something you enjoy doing and people are willing to pay real money for it.


Continue to Invest

Even if the amount of money that you have to put towards an investment is small at the moment you need to get in the habit.  Soon the monthly allocations will grow and you will get to see real benefits.  If all you bought each month was an ounce of silver, it still adds up over time.


 Keep educating yourself

We only grow when we give ourselves opportunities to grow and challenge ourselves.  Take courses, read books, attend webinars, seminars or workshops.  Stimulate your mind and start to associate with people with similar interests and other successful people.  As a rule we are often the average of the five or ten people that we spend the most time with.  It’s a great chance to upgrade your friends..if only it was so easy with family.                                                                                


Get started Now

Waiting for the perfect time to start any business is the greatest dream killer that there is.  Procrastination is an evil beast that saps our will and mines our self confidence and has to be overcome through diligence and persistence.  Only you can determine what level of success you can achieve.


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2 Responses to “I Don’t Have A Lot Of Money to Invest, What Do I Do?”

  1. Dagmar Says:

    Sigrid, thanks so much for this great post. It is so easy to do “busy work” and lots of research and never really get started at all.


    sigrid Reply:

    I agree Dagmar. Sometimes we are so busy learning and collecting, but never start.



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