I Hate MLM

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 I Hate MLM

This Is Why I Hate MLM

I do, I really do. And it’s all my brother’s fault. Ya that one. The really rich know-it-all one. He said join this and I will be just as rich as he is. So I did. And ordered a few things because, what the hey, I’m gonna be rich right? So that’s why I Hate MLM. Cause now I have to take back the Benz and tell the cable guys that I can’t afford the deluxe package that allows me to watch  sumo wrestling and the reality show about three girls and an aardvark living in a tent on my splitscreen. I wish I had enough money left to put gas in my truck and take all this garage full of product over and dump it on my brother’s lawn. I guess the only person he could sign up was me ,so he couldn’t show me how to grow my business.


I Hate MLM

And I Hate MLM

You see, I was looking for a good place to get started in business. Then I found it!! A friend of a friend of a friend of the guy who tells you where to put your trash at the dump said that he knew a guy that was doing a start-up MLM. You know…one of them LAUNCH thingys.  It was sooo exciting! Dancing girls and whiskey and then they unveiled the product and it was awesome. It combines the desire to collect gold and silver along with the desire to lose weight and stay fit. And the start up cost was so low, only 99.99 and 99.99 per month but they send me a new silver coin every month that I lose 5 pounds and a new gold one every month that I lose 10. I was assured by a nameless voice that the coins were worth far more (virtually priceless she said) than the 25 cents face value. But then the weight loss stopped and the coins stopped and I’m not so happy. They said all I had to do was show people my coins and everyone would want some too. They lied.

And I Hate MLM Too

I got into a great company with an awesome product and I was so sure I was going to really set the world on fire.  And all I had to do to make HUGE Money was to find people that could use this awesome product.  And that would be sooo easy. Cause everyone that has a pool would want to be able to choose one of these patented designer water color changing systems.  But I guess not everyone in California has a pool (I thought they did) and not all of them want to be able to change the water color from what they have now. And its winter too, so pool use is a little low. A woman in North Dakota laughed at me on the phone. I was crushed.

I Used To Hate MLM

I hated it because I worked hard. Maybe not so smart, but hard. I gave out this, and I called that, and I bought this and I joined that, and none of it really worked very well. But I learned. I learned and I learned and I learned. I have put the results of what I learned in a short article aptly titled ‘Choosing Your Network Marketing Company.’  It clearly lays out the criteria that helps give you the best chance for success. Read it, and see if your company or if the one that you are thinking of joining addresses ALL of the key points that are raised in the article. After all, you don’t want to be another one of the people that say,’I Hate MLM’.  If any of the three fictitious people above had put their company through that screening process they would have saved themselves much money and heartache.

Till Next Time….

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