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On A Need To Know Basis

Everything You Need To Know…And More

I am always amazed, and sometimes bewildered, by the things that we seem to need to know. At least that’s the viewpoint given by many new sources including those with the most readership, which is pretty much guaranteed to be online these days. I’m as guilty as the next person, and I blame my insatiable thirst for knowledge as being responsible to read up on all kinds of off the wall and unique stories. I realize that I am in the minority when I show zero interest in whether Stewart and Pattinson are going to hook-up to do another movie, or if Snooki was out camera hogging sans make-up. I won’t read review the Iran hostage crisis 33 years later, but I am a sucker for the chemical makeup of the dirt kicked up by the Mars rover or the secrets of the world’s longest married couple. These are things that I need to know.

need to know

I’m also unable to resist the finding of a WWII encrypted message toting pigeon, or the new perils of drinking pop and the damage it can cause to your body. I can’t go to bed without hearing about how the housing crisis in New York might shake out, or why alpine lakes all have green water, or how in heaven’s name the state of Wyoming’s population is expected to double in the next 50 years.

I just find it astonishing that as humans we allow ourselves to be hijacked into thinking about all the ridiculous things that we do, and yet I understand that it is only personal points of view that divide the ridiculous from the sublime. Because we need to know, the Karsashians share equal billing with the three-legged boy from Manchuria, Peruvian vampire bats and prognostications over early voting in the US general election. We have become a society obsessed with obtaining the latest information about everything, and in the process we are getting almost nothing of any value whatsoever.

If you want true valuable and insightful information these days, you had better be prepared to dig it up on your own. What passes as news has increasingly resorted to being a source of entertainment, rather than something of a thought provoking or soul searching magnitude. Still, all is not lost. We do get tremendous coverage (some would say wall to wall) of natural disasters, and big national crisis activities, but it is hard to find anything substantial once the initial headline frenzy is over.

I would submit to you that the information age is responsible, that it’s just the overwhelming amount of raw info available that has caused our news sources to be a mile wide and an inch deep, but a quick look at some back issues of a major San Francisco daily reveals that we have always had a penchant for the unique, the weird and the topical interests of the day whether they have real ‘value’ or not. Our burning ‘need to know’ has driven the media sources to produce exactly what we have asked them to. Let’s face it, if no one read it, then sooner or later no one will print it. We are only getting what we are asking for.

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