I’m A Very Proud Parent

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I’m A Very Proud Parent

 Something to be Proud Of

We just drove down to Victoria to have a celebratory dinner with our son, Gabriel, and his roommate.  We were celebrating the fact that our son just finished his last semester of university. I am proud of our son not only for finishing his degree, but also the way in which he accomplished his goal. 

It’s Better to be Done

He was able to graduate now only because he had taken courses over summer semesters, rather than having to go back in the fall to finish it off. He felt that after four years of schooling on top of the twelve years that he had already served, he just wanted to focus and finish in the fastest possible way. Another reason to be proud is that he completed his last few years of university while holding down a  job as well.

Hard Work Pays Off

We had paid for his first year of university, but after that Gabriel was on his own. He has had a job every summer for the past eight years so he is no stranger to work. I am proud that he is looking to repay his student loan as rapidly as possible. Not everyone looks at that situation the same way. 

A Limitless Future

He is at a wonderful point in his life with no limitations and very few restrictions. It is the best of times in so many ways. He has a great roommate, they live in a reasonable building and pay a modest amount for rent. He has a good job, and although the pay is modest, he has a fair amount of latitude to express his creativity. His ultimate goal is to live in New York City, and not on the lower end of town, so that goal should keep him busy for many years to come. 

But then again, knowing our son, there is a very good chance we will see him succeed at that as well. We are proud that he was willing to put in the time and the effort. Once again it is proof that hard work pays huge dividends. Congratulations Gabe! We are so proud of you!

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