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Were You Lied To As Well | In IM Revolution, Matt Lloyd Says Yes

I’m warning you. Don’t read this. If you do, you will be as angry and upset as I was. You needed money right? You wanted to work from home  right? You have your reasons. Kids to look after, maybe some with challenges, aging parents that need your time and aren’t doing so well. A spouse that already works long hours, or maybe a partner that just isn’t there, so it’s up to you and you alone. 

Your situation is unique, yet you are just like everyone else that is struggling and needing to find a way to put a few extra dollars on the table. Oh, and one more thing. You didn’t have a lot of money to invest. You had to scrape together the money required for the sign-up, the products, the this and the that. And they told you it would be so easy. Nothing to it. You and I and her and he would be cashing cheques and signing people up right, left and center. They lied.

Matt Lloyd’s IM Revolution Tells You How They Lied

IM revolutionHere’s the truth. Ninety five people out of one hundred will fail. That’s 95%! You have a better chance of winning in Vegas than you do of making it in network marketing. So what have they been selling you if it isn’t the truth? They have been selling you the dream. The big home, the fancy car, the hide-out in Costa Rica. The fine clothes, world travel, prestige and luxury, all to be yours, if only you sign right here. I’m saying don’t do it. Not till you read this little book, IM Revolution. Not till you have the facts. Not till you are told THE TRUTH.

You don’t have to struggle, you don’t have to waste you nights in meetings, your weekends in training sessions. Oh, they didn’t tell you about that either? What about hassling your friends, your family, your co-workers? Did they tell you about what percentage of people drop out and why? What the average associate makes? I’m guessing they didn’t, but don’t you think that it’s about time that someone did?

Matt Lloyd is going to. In this low cost, straight up, no-holds barred book that could be entitled ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ but someone already used that title. So it’s called IM Revolution. In it he clearly shows why you have been duped and how they took your money. AND he is going to show you how to get it back. ALL OF YOUR MONEY! And more. Because the business does work. And it is successful. Just look at how long these companies have been around. 

So, can you do it from home? Absolutely. Can you make money? Absolutely. You can fix your problems and help your situation by using this industry and making it work for you. But you do have to know the rules of the game. And what the strategies are. But it is more than that. Imagine you are at the world poker championships. Just for a minute.

IM Revolution PDFThere is huge money on the table. I mean HUGE. Stacks of thousand dollar and ten thousand dollar chips. Your mouth is dry, you can barely breathe. It’s your call. You know all the rules, you know the strategies, but you are just you. When the other players look at you it feels like you have no clothes on. Like they can look right through you and tell you don’t belong there. But what about this?

What if you had the world’s best poker player there, and he said wait a minute, I will cover for you. And he slides into your chair and plays the hand for you. Then ,when they push that HUGE pile of chips across the table, he tells you to pick them up, they are yours. You won them fair and square.

Having Matt Lloyd guide you through the minefield of network marketing is just like that. In exactly the same way he shows you how the game is played and then offers to take your seat at the table. And play on your behalf. So the choice is yours my friend. You can leave the table and watch others play. Lots of people do. But then they are just watchers, and nothing about their situation will ever change. You can sit at the table yourself (naked and scared) or you can let the world’s best play your hand. 

It’s up to you. So read the IM Revolution book and at least give yourself an informed choice. You owe at least that much to yourself. Then, it’s up to you if you want to share it with others. I just did.

Till Next Time….

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