Impromise??…What The Hay?

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Impromise??…What The Hay?


Guest Post by Archie McNab


Coining The Term Impromise

Some years ago our son was faced with a problem that couldn’t be solved by regular or ordinary means. To be honest, I don’t even recall what the situation was or why he was unable to solve it. Gabriel doesn’t think in the same linear pattern as most of us so he usually has at least a few ideas that are outside the realm of normal thought when it comes to problem solving. That’s not to say he isn’t adept at figuring things out, quite the polar opposite.


No Solution Apparent? Then Impromise

However, this particular day, he didn’t have an answer that was jumping out at him and as a result he came up with a term that blew me away.  He told us that in order to solve the problem he would have to impromise.  What a concept. It makes total sense if you think about it. When you look at the word it’s a crafty blend of improvise and compromise. And often in life, that’s exactly what the situation calls for.

Improvise + Compromise = Impromise

Problems can be resolved through improvisation. There is no doubt about that. Growing up on a farm and in a family that was less than affluent, I was very familiar with the term and have become very good at getting by with things I have improvised to take care of a problem. It’s also a well known fact that many disputes can be resolved or solved though the use of compromise.  When you have two diametrically opposing points of view it is really unlikely that one is totally right and the other totally wrong. It makes far more sense to come to a compromise that may not satisfy either party, but can allow each side to survive and carry on with life.


Impromise and Become Part Of The Solution

To use the best of both words could mean that you can now tackle disputes that are problematic. WOW, just think of the potential. Imagine using that kind of logic in a place like Syria. Or how about in the oil sands in Alberta? Or even the financial houses of Wall Street? How about inside the Pentagon or the Kremlin? The list is limitless. In fact, the most effective place you can use it could be the same place I use it. Around home and family as well as in my small business.


You Don’t Have To Be Old To Impromise

If we impromise, then everyone has a livable situation that allows us to carry on without fear of reprisal or being a victim. We can find new solutions to the day to day problems of life and come to positions that are tenable and respectful of others opinions. You don’t have to be an old and wise sage to understand and promote the concept of ‘Impromise.’ Our son was three when he coined the term.

Till Next Time….


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4 Responses to “Impromise??…What The Hay?”

  1. Jeff Rutter Says:

    Great post, If only everyone felt that way. Although there are certain things I will never compromise on
    Jeff Rutter recently posted…Making The Most Of Your Network Marketing EffortsMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Jeff, wouldn’t it be great?



  2. Marilyn Arriaga Says:

    That sure is a great word! It definately is a better way to look at issues that arise daily
    Marilyn Arriaga recently posted…Gratitude ChallengeMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Thanks Marilyn. It was so cute when he said it, but oh so true…



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