FIVE Inescapable Realities of being an Entrepreneur

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 1.  Every Entrepreneur Is An Inventor

It’s true. Every entrepreneur has to invent their own business. If they have purchases or become affiliated with an existing business, the entrepreneur still has to invent ways to market and sell the products. The most successful entrepreneurs invent systems. Think of Henry Ford and Ray Kroc.

2.True entrepreneurs do not purchase a business opportunity. They build their own

entrepreneurHave you ever tried to lead a group of entrepreneurs anywhere? It is like herding cats, it just doesn’t work well. Entrepreneurs are independent ,and independent to a fault. They will create teams but often it is only on their terms. Every entrepreneur dreams of creating a unique business that is a home-run success. If an entrepreneur buys a ‘business in a box’ franchise or licenced outlet, he or she is doomed to disappointment. Long term they won’t be either satisfied or happy.

3.Business success is measured by growth

To the entrepreneur (not to be confused with the tradesman or hobby dabbler) the true success of a business is measured by how rapidly the business grows and by how many people can use his invention. The faster the business grows, the more successful the invention. The slower the business grows, the less successful the invention. To an entrepreneur death is preferable to slow growth or worse yet, no growth. That scenario is a clear message from the market that the invention was a failure.

4. Everyone can be an inventor and therefore an entrepreneur.


Everyone is an inventor, and anyone can conceive of a great idea for a new business.  For some of us, it may take longer to accept the inventor mindset and to begin to implement it in everyday life.  For others it may take less work. Nonetheless it takes an inventive mind to first see the holes where an invention might either reduce pain or create pleasure for the user.


5. Inventing is Contagious

The entrepreneur is very similar to the performer insofar as both want to be recognized for the work that they do. To both, there is no joy in performing for an empty room. People love to experience an original business idea that has been skillfully created to fit their need. Nothing promotes like success and an inventor that has had success is much more likely to look for another great idea. After all, it is ideas that keep us all in the game.

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4 Responses to “FIVE Inescapable Realities of being an Entrepreneur”

  1. Robert David Strong Says:

    Hi Sigrid,

    I love the post! There are many of us that are Entrepreneur’s as you mention, and I notice that that is really all that I can think about, seems like it is round the clock.

    I grew up knowing that I was a little different, ok maybe a lot different. I just felt this burning desire inside me saying that I am much more than a 9 to 5 guy. I feel and know that I want to do things my way, and be successful.

    Thank you for sharing such a great post!
    Robert David Strong recently posted…Marketing Results That Chase The White RabbitMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Robert, I can relate to how you feel, for sure. I have always had a strong, passionate desire to live, and be so much more than 9-5 in a cubicle!



  2. Damayanthi Says:

    Another great one Sigrid. I never looked at business this way.

    You are right – we are inventors and we like to have raving fans like a performer.
    End of the day it is upto us to create what we want and fulfill our dreams.

    Thanks for sharing

    Damayanthi recently posted…Work From Home Success TipsMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Damayanthi!



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