Internet Business Fraud Or Real?

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 Why Is Internet Business Fraud So Common?

The internet is rife with fraud for a few very good reasons, but the most common one that you will run in to over and over is NO ACCOUNTABILITY! Now just before you take serious issue with that bold statement, let me make a qualifying comment. All too often there is inadequate or incomplete assessments being made prior to accepting appearances as the truth and then, worse yet, spreading the faulty information to others.

As a boss of mine used to drum into my head, ‘The only thing worse than no information is BAD information.’

internet business fraudThere is a lot of fraudulent stuff on the internet. But it isn’t internet business fraud. Not unless they ask you to send money to support their programs. Because that is exactly what a lot of internet businesses want you to do. Send us money, and we will enroll you and send you a bunch of CD’s, and you will be making more money than the GDP of Sierra Leone in no time at all. Now that my friends IS Internet Business Fraud.

And we know its bull, but some people will send money anyways because they are desperate for success, and they want to believe so badly. What if there really was something that for once wasn’t internet business fraud? Something that didn’t cost a fortune and that actually makes money. Real money, not some points in an MLM, or coupons that you can redeem for merchandise, but real hold it in your hands kind of money that you can use to go on a vacation finally, buy that new car, or send your kid to college.

I can tell you that there is, but really? Why would you believe me? Why should you? I don’t expect you to, but I do encourage you to check this book out with the eye to see what it would take for you to become a MOBE Licensee  and how that has the potential to change the playing field. After all, isn’t it about time the table was tilted in your favour?

So, Internet Salvation or Internet Business Fraud?

You be the judge. But I already know what answer you are coming back with. It’s the same one that I got. In fact, it’s the only one that anyone possibly can have. The rest is up to you.

Do you like to do everything yourself? Do you like to recreate the wheel? Do you firmly believe that no one else can do anything as well as you? If that sounds like you, then just keep right on agoing. This doesn’t apply to you at all. If on the other hand you’re like me, and you don’t mind using other people’s processes to print your own money, then you should take a long hard look.

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