What Does An Internet Marketing Blog Do?

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Does An Internet Marketing Blog Communicate, Educate Or Entertain?

Can your internet marketing blog do it all? Odds are not in your favour to be able to be all things to all people. But bear in mind that there is value in all three aspects mentioned above. Of the three, Communication has to be considered the most important of the three. Remember communication is king.

You can educate people with your blog so that they know what you are all about, and what your message is, but at the end of the day, you have to be able to talk to people if you are going to form a lasting relationship. If all you want is a sale today, then you may feel that you are wasting your time by communicating. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. If you create and nurture that relationship, then you not only have the prospect of completing your sale today,  you also have earned the right to promote future sales as well. internet marketing blog

The True Value Of An Internet Marketing Blog

Did you know that the odds of a repeat sale to an existing customer are around 70 percent? Compare that to the odds of making a sale to random unknown people which ranges around 10 percent, and you can quickly see the value of maintaining an ongoing relationship with your clients.

Your internet maketing blog and its content should reflect that value and be targeting the group that you are serving. You will find that the best approach to your blog is to continue to educate your audience while you are communicating with them and including a certain degree of entertainment. Discretion has to be used with the inclusion of entertainment, as that isn’t the key reason why people who are on your internet marketing blog in the first place.

I would venture to say that most learning is done through one type of communicating or another. I would go even further and say that all of the best and most fun types of learning ALL involve one form of communication or another. The easiest way to learn is to ask questions and the easiest way to teach, or inform if you will, is via communication.

When you think of the purpose that your internet marketing blog will serve, it is usually in the form of teaching or informing. Blog readers are almost split 50/50 between those that wish to learn something about something, and those that wish to be entertained. Most people reading your internet marketing blog are not going to be looking for entertainment, they are looking for information and answers.

I’ve got bad news for anyone else who thinks you can promote a product or sell in a vaccum (ie without customer interaction or communication). If you want to sell to just 10% of the buyers that are available, then, by all means go ahead and cancel your phone, close your door and set your site up as a self serve. What the heck, it works for the no-name stores. However, IF you want to sell to the 90% who will recommend the heck out of you to their friends, then by all means make your blog as interactive as possible and encourage communication in any way that you can.

blogConnecting with your customers , actually, with everyone that you communicate with, is absolutely key to getting your message across. It is the connections that that you make that will ultimately end up creating that vast majority of your future sales. Give people an opportunity to communicate, and please acknowledge comments whenever possible. Let people know that you are aware of them ,and that you take their input seriously. Being memorable creates money. Making connections means coin.

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6 Responses to “What Does An Internet Marketing Blog Do?”

  1. Nate Jackson Says:

    Great article. Many would say that the true purpose of an internet marketing blog, if it is a for-profit blog, is to generate leads so that in the future you can market to your subscribers through email, no?


    sigrid Reply:

    Hi Nate, that’s a good point. Certainly one of the goals of an internet marketing blog is to build a list of prospective clients that you can market to.



  2. Lucy Bieri Says:

    Internet marketing blog is meant to provide Value to its taget audience. Satisfied reader always comes back as well recommend the respective blog to others.. Blog that Educates about internet marketing attract more people which eventuall can lead to sales..It all about providing value with your audience in mind.

    Thanks for sharing Sigrid
    Lucy Bieri recently posted…Questions I Asked And Answered To Develop Personal AwarenessMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    Lucy you are right. If people cannot see value, they are not going to stick around, much less recommend it to anyone else.



  3. Emil Says:

    Great articles.Thank you for sharing.It’s very helpful to me.


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Emil, thanks so much for stopping by…



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