Internet Marketing Books The Top Ten! Number Six

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Top Ten Internet Marketing Books You Must Have

If you were starting up an internet business, these are books that you would do well to have in your resource library. They are really much more than just a pile of internet marketing books chosen at random off a shelf down at Chapters, or ordered up from Amazon. So they are designed to give you a good overview, but at the same time they have been chosen because they go beyond the bare bones basic information to give the established webmaster invaluable answers as well.

To read and implement knowledge is the fastest and easiest way to success. You can cut your learning curve into a small fraction of what it would otherwise be just by utilizing some of the content in this series.

Internet Marketing Books -’Web Design For ROI

This is the sixth book in the series. These internet marketing books have proven over time to be invaluable to people like you who are looking to break it wide open in the internet marketing field. Today’s selection as one of the top ten internet marketing books takes dead aim at the often contentious issue of web site strategy. Between them the two authors of the book have over twenty years of advising, teaching and developing business websites and the strategy required to make them really pay.

There has always been a school of thought that if your website design was pretty and attractive enough, you could garner enough traffic that it would be impossible not to make money. And while there is a certain element of truth to that, you won’t be making nearly as much money as you will be with a well designed website that is set up to maximize your ROI.

That’s precisely what Lance Lovejoy and Sandra Niehaus point out in their book ’ Web Design for ROI: Turning Browsers into Buyers & Prospects into Leads.’ The whole purpose of a business website is to return money to the owner of the website, so, with this in mind they have created some strategies over time that have proven effective time and time again.

They aren’t just the authors of the book though. They also contract their services to companies to address web design and website ROI, so they are implementing the same strategies talked about in the book every day. That gives you the advantage of having top notch experts in this field share with you current and viable techniques utilized ALL THE TIME by the leaders in this field.

Internet Marketing BooksIn the book they cover off all aspects of web design breaking your website down into landing page, category pages, detail pages and your home page and treat each of them as focus points for a chapter in the book. They each are different, perform a different function, and as such need to be dealt with in a unique way to create the maximum impact for you.

This book is filled with practical design tips that are proven to increase conversion rates and to improve your online results. Other books tend to focus on website optics and the how to do this and that, but these guys cut right to the quick. They are totally focused on having your website do what it was intended to do: make you money. It doesn’t get more pointed and direct than that.

The next of the internet marketing books that we are going to review is the latest from the author of ‘The E-Myth’, Michael Gerber, and his further insight into the creation of entrepreneurs and why most businesses fail.

As always our goal is to help you get to the top of your niche. So if you’re planning on just wallowing around in mediocrity then you don’t have to do anything at all.

Till Next Time….

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