Internet Marketing Books -The Top Ten! Number 4

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Top Ten Internet Marketing Books You Must Have

Just for a moment let’s pretend you’re an internet marketing guru, and you are looking for ideas that you can pass on to your followers that will blow their internet marketing business up to become even more successful than yours. Or maybe you are just the guy or gal who is poking this internet marketing thing with a long stick (much the same as you would a wasp’s nest) just to see if it is worth exploring or not. Or maybe, just maybe, you are like the 10 bazillion other people (just like me) who are somewhere in between.internet marketing books

This is the fourth book in the series. These internet marketing books have proven over time to be invaluable to people like you who are looking to break it wide open in the internet marketing field. Today’s nomination as one of the top ten internet marketing books is all about advertising. Even though it was written almost a hundred years ago its message is still as crisp and topical as it was the day it was written.

Internet Marketing Books – Advertising

Scientific Advertising: Complete and Unabridged, written by Claude Hopkins is a great example of how consistent effective advertising is. Claude spent most of his life analyzing what makes good advertising, and his book shares the knowledge that he accumulated. Good advertising is timeless and even though tastes and audiences may change, what captures people’s attention and imagination is remarkably similar.

Hopkins was one of the pioneering masters of direct response marketing, and he was responsible for many of the direct response techniques that are taught today at business schools around the world. He was a master at testing headlines for the best response. He is largely credited with developing test marketing, and utilizing ad campaigns consisting of small, controlled tests with a limited budget to make sure a campaign worked before spending large sums of money.

Hopkins was a master and a tireless proponent of writing clear, simple copy that anyone could read. If you want to learn to write concise crisp copy, you can do no better than studying the advice of Hopkins. He was so devoted to transparent advertising, that he feared that too-clever copywriting would detract from the only function of advertising – selling!

If you’re a webmaster engaged in internet marketing, a copywriter in the profession of marketing or advertising, or if you’re a student wishing to gain the best education possible, Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising: Complete and Unabridgedshould be in your hands daily. Dog ear the pages. Highlight passages. Underline it. Quote it. Memorize it. 

The next of the internet marketing books that we are going to examine is aimed at making your landing page as attractive as possible, not just for users of the site, but for you the webmaster as well. Join us then and find out how to optimize your landing page. As always, our goal is to help you get to the top of your niche. So if you’re planning on just wallowing around in mediocrity, then you don’t have to do anything at all.

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