What Your Internet Marketing Coach Shouldn’t Be

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You have an internet marketing business (or hope to have one), and you have a website. You have spent either a small fortune in time or money, or maybe both, in getting it up and running and it looks fantastic. You are ready to roll. Only thing you don’t have is customers. You’re wise enough to know that traffic alone means nothing. Just like cars streaming past a storefront at rush hour, they have no value if they aren’t stopping. And, no value in being there if they aren’t buying.

You know that attracting leads isn’t an easy process, after all, if it were, the internet would be choked with successful people just like you want to be. So you hire an internet marketing coach. You look carefully online and select the one that you feel offers the best value for your buck and away you go. The outfit providing the internet marketing coach wants you to have the very best of all worlds, so they have hired a real leading edge ‘expert.’

internet marketing coachIn fact, this expert is so highly regarded, that he is super expensive so no one can really afford his time, but that is ok because they have him on video. That’s right, on video. What could be better? You are no longer troubled by some meddling coach calling you up to see how you are doing with the latest part of your marketing campaign. No one calling you to offer encouragement and solutions to your many small, but nagging issues. You don’t need that. You have the video.

 Why Internet Marketing Coach Video Sucks

Watching a video of how to build a distribution list or client list is like watching a video on how to drive a car. It looks great, doesn’t it? Because in the video on how to drive a car, they never have pedestrians lunging out in front of you. They never have car swallowing potholes that suddenly appear to take hungry bites out of your car. And they certainly never have a cop car just following you for a few miles making you feel like a slowly moving target.

Just like in the video on how to create a list, they don’t show your emails going straight to ethernet hell. They don’t show the hours of frustration that you will suffer if you forget the simplest of items during your set-up. The video internet marketing coach won’t scold you, won’t make you feel dumb, won’t help to troubleshoot any of your problems, won’t help you get past any hang-ups that you might have.

Some things are better live than on video. Personal relationships, week-end vacations, leisure activities and cold beer all are better when experienced live. So is internet marketing coaching. Actually, it’s essential. Otherwise you could just rent a video. On learning how to drive a car.

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2 Responses to “What Your Internet Marketing Coach Shouldn’t Be”

  1. Dagmar Wichary Says:

    I have seen videos like that. I find them sometimes informative, but like you said, you cannot ever find help if you need it, so it is a waste of money.


    Sigrid McNab Reply:

    Dagmar it is much like buying a “real” zirconia off of the shopping channel, isn’t it?



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