Internet Marketing Secrets – Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

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Traffic Isn’t The Biggest Of The Internet Marketing Secrets

How can something be a much of a secret if everyone knows about it? Kinda hard isn’t it? Well, what if I was to tell you that despite everyone knowing about it, almost no one gets it right? Because that is more to the point and sadly, it reflects the reality of far too many internet marketers.

It’s almost tragic that one of the poorest kept internet marketing secrets is also one of the most misunderstood and therefore, underutilized secret in the internet marketing business. So what’s the problem and how do I overcome it?

The problem is really two-fold. First, you have to generate the traffic. Everyone agrees on that and there are literally a million people wanting to sell you ways to do that. It isn’t that difficult and if you put in money and time (preferably some of each) you will have no trouble in attaining your goal.

So now you have a ton of traffic, OMG I am getting 500 hits a day (well I wish) and people are just streaming through, so why am I not selling a damn thing? There is a really simple solution to that. Think of this scenario first to help me demonstrate the point.

Have you ever been to a really busy airport where there are hordes of people coming to a main intersection in the boarding hallways? Lots of people have to change directions (turn right or left) to get to their respective gates to board the planes. A most coveted place to have a store is right on those walkway intersection corners. Why? Because there is a ton of traffic there. Potential buyers are streaming by in four different directions. Heck some of them even cut right through the open corner of your store to save a few steps.

It’s a fantastic location. Oodles of traffic. And hardly any sales. Sound familiar? Why is it just exactly like that? How come out of all those people streaming past your store (or online, past your site), more aren’t stopping to buy. In fact, they hardly even notice that you are there. What the heck is going on?

internet marketing secrets

So What Are The Internet Marketing Secrets?

The problem that you have is one of the great conundrums and best kept internet marketing secrets. Traffic in and of itself has almost no value. Just like the people streaming past your store front in the airport mall don’t represent sales to you, unless you happen to have something that they decide they need right then and there.

Now imagine if you had a way of sorting that traffic. So that only the people that wanted something that you were selling were coming past your store? Now that would be a much different picture wouldn’t it? And that is one of the huge internet marketing secrets. The ONLY traffic worth having is traffic that is specific to what you are selling.

Let’s look at that another way. If you think of rush hour on the freeway there are a million cars streaming by. If you put up a sign that reads Exit 43, then you only get the drivers coming off that are looking for Exit 43. This is called specialized or target marketing.

Tomorrow we are going to look at target marketing and how to further refine your traffic. See you then

Till Next Time….

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2 Responses to “Internet Marketing Secrets – Traffic, Traffic, Traffic”

  1. sherman smith Says:

    Sigrid you made some valid points here regarding traffic. You definitely want to target the traffic that’s looking for the product and/or services you’re marketing. All traffic isn’t good traffic! Thanks for sharing!
    sherman smith recently posted…Building Relationships Through Email MarketingMy Profile


    sigrid Reply:

    You are so welcome Sherman! Thanks for stopping by….



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