Internet Marketing Secrets Really?

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Why Are Internet Marketing Secrets So Secret?

Just this morning I was looking for subtitles, or more correctly, a catch phrase that could be used at the top of our blog so that people that came to the site would have a bit of insight as to what they might expect to find there. ‘Secrets’ might be a bit of a strong term to use, but I feel that on the internet a secret is any information that you obtain that would normally be hidden away until you opted-in or paid your continuity program fee.

I thought it would be interesting to type ‘internet marketing secrets’ in the search bar and see what comes up. I always equate online searches with bottom fishing in the ocean, you just never know what you are going to pull up. And I wasn’t disappointed this time either, though I was very surprised.

internet marketing secrets

I fully expected that I would be greeted with page after page of slick, polished, professional sites, but instead I was faced with sites that looked either conspicuously dated or at best very ho-hum with little vibrancy or life to them. There were a few others that used the phrase ‘internet marketing secrets’ almost as an aside or a descriptor of some product that they were trying to flog.

The Secret Behind Internet Marketing Secrets

Most of the results I turned up, using my search term ‘internet marketing secrets’ at least had a thin thread of connectivity to the search term. That is an improvement over some searches I have made, where I’m not even off the first page before the responses dissolve into a bunch of keyword stuffing nonsense derived either by a computer generated program or a poorly paid person trying to meet a quota.

On the first page I did get two ‘real sites’ that were predictable, although only one had the glitz and glamour I would have expected. The second site was basically an entry page to a catalogue of marketing articles and entreaties to sign up for this product or that. Very uninspiring and sterile.

Two results were linked to very dated (read 2009) blogspot blogs that had little content of any kind, much lessinternet marketing secrets relevant. Another site opened with a Dear Friend letter. You know the kind. One of those that will cause you to check your wallet pocket, even if you are still just seated at a computer. Dear Friend went on at length to convince me, that me and $10,000 of my hard earned dollars that we would be happier, if they (the ten grand), somehow found their way into his bank account. I was able to pull myself away just prior to exchanging my money for his training (3 times a month though, if you can imagine).

The last two sites looked very promising.  But then Imanuel moved his site in 2009, so I didn’t feel compelled to follow along as that trail appeared to be pretty cold. And my last forlorn hope that started off so promisingly, slid sideways, with them offering a blueprint for my overnight success. Still, I was intrigued, and then I noticed that their archives started way back in 1998, but then fell off the ethernet cliff in 2009 leaving me wondering what catastrophic online event happened in 2009 that rivaled the snuffing of the dinosaurs by the great meteorite? It seems to have been a watershed year for at least this search term.

Here I am one page deep and still in the dark about the web’s deepest, darkest internet marketing secrets. I’m left with the feeling that perhaps I should begin to amass my own, and heck who knows, maybe post them?

Till Next Time….

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